When Dogs Could Talk eBook Review

Harris came to regret answering the Chief Inspector’s call, but that cold January evening it appeared to be just another story.

Charlie Harris and CI Winston Quist, with little hope and less conviction, put their natural suspicion and cynicism aside in an attempt to stop the ruin of their country.

What followed from this decision—a journey through economic collapse, crime, espionage, counter-intelligence, insurrection, civil war, accident, coincidence, psychosis, spree killing, mass murder, and, perhaps, an archetypal genocide.

When Dogs Could Talk follows Charlie Harris, and those that cross his path, through a year in the life of a city as it seemed to be preparing itself for a season in hell.

Can this be stopped? More importantly, could the collapse be understood—and in the understanding halt what appeared inevitable?

Through a complex cast of characters—political leaders, criminals, caitiffs, radical lesbians, psychopaths, reporters, lovers, hookers, strippers, homophobes, families, pimps, revolutionaries, demagogues, children, the homeless, street gangs, detectives, doctors, thugs, constables, navvies, nurses, convicts, spies, murderers, protean abortionists, errant philosophers, nihilists, terrorists, double-agents, and the vast, nameless morass of a stunned and feckless humanity—When Dogs Could Talk carries the reader through a page turning psychological thriller which is part political gang rape, part philosophical barbarism, and part post-modern morality play.

When Dogs Could Talk is less concerned with the ethos of an act than it is with why individuals choose one sensibility rather than another. From this follows all of the action, reaction, and resolution of the various characters in this epic study of the ordinary and extraordinary caught up in a contemporary, but very old, wave of historical violence and social collapse.

Through the extremities of the year one question haunts—
Is revolution the art of political plagiarism?


  Grab your dictionary, maybe a thesaurus as well, and settle in for a roller coaster of a good read.  As you travel through this controversial, gripping tale about a jaded report, Charlie Harris, who has encountered many gruesome scenes through his many years as a reporter that he's not even phased by this new murder.  With a signature, a white rose, it becomes apparent that there is more to this murder than seems.
  There are many comparable factors within this disturbing world Charlie finds himself in, much like the modern day we live in, which will make you stop to think a minute about our own world.  You will find yourself captivated by this incredible story as you enter this world of corrupt politicians, terrorism, and more as Charlie embarks on this year long journey in order to try to figure out who did it.   He finds himself risking his career, his friends, and even his own life in his pursuit to find answers and figure out what happened.  Deep within this corrupt world the public lives in fear as murder and violence run rampant, occurring daily.

  When Dogs Could Talk is a suspenseful political thriller, with an exceptional story line that will keep you on the edge of your seat, reading intensely, flipping the pages with anticipation and intrigue.  I would definitely recommend this book and feel it's best suited for those who love action packed, thrilling, fictional novels.  This dystopian novel is not a light read, it is a very compelling tale that makes you think while it entertains the mind.  The author has done a fantastic job writing this gripping story that grabs hold of you very early on and doesn't let go until you have finished reading the story.  And even then it leaves you wanting more.  I look forward to reading more of Wellhauser's work.

  I give this story 2 out of 2 thumbs up!

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