New Spark Rising Trailer

Indie Developer Sells House and Turns to Kickstarter to Fund
Sandbox Robot Game
Redwood Shores, CA – October 25, 2013 – Indie developer Wicked Loot revealed today a slew of new information for its newly announced game, Spark Rising, currently in development for PC and Mac.  
Wicked Loot also revealed the new ‘Conquest Mode,’ which adds a strategic layer to the game, opening up the whole galaxy to be conquered. Inspired by Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Galactic Conquest Mode, the new mode plays like a 4X game – eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate –  but players must be careful of becoming too powerful as the game's multiplayer acts as an equalizer where other players can gang up against the ‘big dogs’ and coordinate to take them down.
A new reward tier provides the first 100 supporters at the $45+ donation level with a free copy of the popular voxel-creation tool, Qubicle Constructor, which costs $40 on its own. All supporters of the Kickstarter, even at the minimum donation of $10, will receive Alpha access to Spark Rising when it becomes available.

“I founded Wicked Loot to ensure that I follow through on my dream of making games,” said John Lee, founder of Wicked Loot, Inc. “I originally had planned to form the indie studio with my best friend Vic, who passed away from cancer before it became a reality. Ultimately I decided that I was going to do it for the both of us, and to help get the dream off the ground, I sold my home to fund development. But I need everyone's help to make Spark Rising the amazing game I know it can be.  The game is unique because it requires player input and feedback to shape its development, and the Kickstarter campaign is designed to encourage that.”
Spark Rising is a third-person action game, infused with strategy and sandbox creation. Players take the role of a Spark Bot whose prime directive is to build and conquer fortresses, then engage in massive battles, all in an attempt to protect rare resources. During the build phase, strongholds can be fortified with all sorts of nasty stuff -- turrets, traps, barricades and troops. Players can even create their own creatures and weapons. Once the battle begins, gamers jump into unique class-based exo-suits to take down whole armies. The galaxy is for the taking, as the game expands into a 4X strategy game, where other players now enter the fray. Spark Rising is planned for release in 2014.
For more information on Spark Rising and Wicked Loot, visit  and ‘Like’ the game on Facebook.

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