Dear Santa...

  Well, it's that time of year again, the time of year when I get to say "well, Christmas is coming so we need to wait and see what Santa gets you", that's my way of not buying toys this time of year.  You never know what you'll get under the tree.
  My children have made their lists already, very eagerly made a list of the things they want from family as well as from Santa.  Our Christmas lists to Santa have always only had three items on them.  We know that Santa is busy, my children understand they have to ask for the three things they want most; usually My Boo asks for the expensive things that she knows Mommy & Daddy would never buy her, and not only because we can't afford it, but because we don't think she needs it.  Well this year is the same as many years past except My Boo helped her siblings make their lists.  Very nice of her.  So here are the lists...

Little Miss B would like some Ladybug things, that's her nickname and she's obsessed with ladybugs.
Santa's List... Baby Alive, Barbie Fairy Doll, Littlest Pet Shop Purple Pet
Family List... Fur Real Friends Horse, Fur Real Friends Bunny, Ladybug Backpack, Ladybug Rain Boots, Ladybug Umbrella

My Little Man would like a variety of things, he's into everything.. I think it's a boy thing.
Santa's List... Black Angry Bird Slippers, Blue Angry Bird Slippers, Iron Man 3 LEGO
Family List... Cars 2 LEGO, Iron Man Mask with Arm Shooter, Yoshi's Island DS Game, Mario Donkey Kong DS Game, Mario Cart DS Game

Lucy Lu is the girliest tomboy you will ever meet, this girl plays harder than any other but at the end of the day she's all pink bows, pony tails and daddy's little girl, I think her lists show that
Santa's List... Pink iPod 5, Fur Real Friends Trixy, Fur Real Friends Cuddles
Family List... 13 Wishes Draculora Doll, Fur Real Friends GoGo Dog, Paint Kit, Fur Real Friends Daisy, 13 Wishes the movie, Barbie Doll with Light Up Dress

My Boo is getting to the age where she's hard to please, she doesn't like "toys" so what do you get her.  Money is too boring, gift cards wouldn't be fun to open either... good thing she made a list for us.
Santa's List... Blue iPod 5, Zebra Case for iPod, Fuji Finepix S4600 Digital Camera
Family List... Running Arm Band for her phone, Whiteboard & Markers, and some Shoes...

  Easy Peasy!! Well, maybe not, some of those things I've never heard of I guess I will need to Google some photos so I know what I'm looking for.  Hopefully Santa will come through for them, if they've been good enough I think the spirit of Santa may enter our house on Christmas morning and make them happy children, but if they're bad I think it'll be coal in their stockings.

  Speaking of coal, am I the only one who thinks that is a silly thing?  Back in the day, I can only assume when the saying became popular, coal was a source of heat, that would be a good thing.  As a typically cold person, I would love to have gotten coal, I would have been bad just to make sure I had heat.   But I guess from the stand point of a child coal would not have been a good gift for Christmas, a toy would be more suiting for sure.  I take it back, it isn't as silly as I thought it was!

  Well, I'm off, I have some reading today, a book review is due tomorrow and I need to get it done.  Happy October 24th!! One week from today the kids will be out in force so please watch the streets, drive safely, hopefully they are wearing reflective clothing if not on well lite streets but even still, please be cautious.  These kids are our future after all.

  Since I ended this with Halloween Caution I would like to share with you a Spooktacular Halloween recipe that you may be able to hand out next week, if you're in a baking mood that is... Black Cat Cookies **PLEASE REMEMBER IF YOU MAKE THESE TO HAND OUT MAKE SURE THEY ARE 100% NUT FREE**

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