It's so chilly my brain is all over the place!

A whole bunch of randomness..... Started out about the cold weather and ended with cleaning, who would have thought so many different paths can cross through the mind in one blog entry...weird!!

I don't know about you, but we try to keep the heat source off as long as possible.  Especially this year, our heat is OIL...ugh... That needs to go, but with all the other things we've put money out for since moving to our beautiful country home we just don't have the money to do any installation of wooden helpers :(  Hopefully next year, but if not definitely in a couple years.  We filled the oil tank, which was bone dry and it cost almost 1002, I forget what the cents were.  I couldn't believe it.  Wow!! And to think we will need to put another tank of oil in by the end of winter.  When we first moved we figured it would be less that what it is, because when we had oil, um...5 years ago, it was a lot less...oops, times have changed.  I guess we'll just have to huddle up under one blanket all winter.
Unfortunately, it's a little chillier than it has been today and I'm ready to turn on the oil... But I will refuse for now, we'll just bundle up can't afford not to.

I'm not looking forward to the snow flying this year.

  I need to get my house clean, now! My mom just said that I should expect a "surprise" visit from my daddy sometime soon.  I need to take out the compost and the recycling, I really wish that I had a closed in porch, I will one day, but for now I just have an open to the elements porch.  Which is beautiful in the late summer nights, I must say I enjoyed many late nights with a great friend who would come to keep me company when my husband was gone.  It's nice to have two families to count on, my blood family and then my military family.  When nights and days blend together and the misery or loneliness starts to take over you always have someone who will come and chat and keep you company.  Someone who will help you make it through the time away.  I felt like I gained a great friend this past summer, someone who was very helpful in reminding me not to worry about my husband, even though that was very difficult.  I can honestly say I do not like this life, I try very hard to be strong.  But even the strong fall down some times.  There is always something that can bring even the strongest of people to their knees.  Our past lays a foundation for our future and even if we don't want to admit it we do have weaknesses, many caused by hurt and pain from our past.  We need to learn to see past that pain and remember that there were good things that happened as well, it wasn't all bad, we have made it this far because we were strong, because we build relationships that help guide us to this place in our lives.  If you are happy with the path you're on that's fantastic but if you're not then I tell you this... YOU MUST CHANGE IT!!
  We often try to place blame on others, saying that it's their fault this happened to us, or that we are this way.  That is NOT true.  YOU are the one who makes you feel the way you feel, you're the one who chooses to react to whatever has happened in your life.  You can't change what has happened to you, you can't change what other people do or how they feel but you can change how you react to it.

  Well, I really better get going, I will pick up on that later.  Have a fantastic Sunday everyone!!

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