New Girl Season 2

“New Girl” Season Two

The romantic tension between Jess (Emmy® Nominee Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (JakeJohnson) escalates in the hilarious, quirky second season of “New Girl” — but will they ever hook up? Meanwhile, Schmidt fails to be hip, Winston isn’t “prepared” for a hot date, and Nick faces a death in his dysfunctional family. While Jess does her best to replace Cece on a modeling job and a drunk Elvis impersonator at a funeral, Schmidt and Winston hope to rearrange Cece’s arranged marriage. Relive all 25 outrageous episodes featuring guest stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Rob Reiner and Dennis Farina, and enjoy fun bonus material — including the extended version of the hugely popular “Virgins” episode — only available on the DVD.
Special Features
  Deleted Scenes
  Commentary on “Cooler”
  Full of Schmidt
  Gag Reel
  Extended Version of “Virgins” episode


  The only thing that could have made this show better would have been watching the first Season THEN this one.  It took me awhile to figure out just what was going on, who was who, what was what, how they all knew each other etc.  I really did like it once I got into it, I mean, what's not to love it stars one of the cutest female actresses ever.  This show is so great, I have really enjoyed watching their characters develop relationships, and end some.
  I think the reason that I enjoyed it the most was because I could see it playing out in "real life".  The entire time I was thinking to myself that Jesse and Nick would end up together, as they totally should.  But when the opportunity finally arises they are so immature, it's like they go from being grown ups living in an apartment to elementary school children trying to avoid their crushes.  I mean really, you're grown up, stop being so silly and just say, I like you!!  Ugh, kids!!  Although, when I think about it that's how my wonderful husband was, he had no idea if I really liked him or if I was just flirting with him and being nice.  There's a question for you.... why is it people confuse someone's genuine niceness as being "flirting".  I just don't get it.  When did the world change so much that people can no longer just be nice to one another they have to be flirting and wanting more.  Sad!!
  Anyway, I love this show, I love Jesse's character.  She reminds me of so many of my friends who were on their own trying to figure out there life and what to do next around the same age as these characters.  I guess I should thank My Boo for the fact that I never had to go through that very awkward..."what next" phase of my life.  I knew very early on that I was a mom, that's it, that's all.  There was nothing else for me, there were no lazy days around the apartment feeling sorry for myself like Jesse did, I didn't have time for that, I had to make sure my daughter had all she need and there was nothing more to it.  Maybe that's why I enjoy this show so much, I don't envy Jesse at all for the life she has in this show, it makes me realize just how lucky I had it to have everything in order so early on!!  Maybe when my children are all gone, if I don't have Grandbabies by then, I could live this life, in a loft or apartment, not sure what to do with life....but then again, likely not.  I happen to enjoy the life I have.
  In one episode Jesse had a gathering with her friends and one was a Lesbian Gynecologist who was pregnant, she mentioned that after a certain age women's eggs drop by incredible rates leaving the option of bearing children at a minimum, apparently they can do a test that tells you just how many possible years you have left in your eggs.. not sure if that's true or just part of the show but it really made me sad for the girls.  Jesse needed to know, she was at the point in her life where she needed to know she wants to have kids and she needed to know if that had to start now.  She talked her best friends Cici into going, Cici had no interest in having children, she's a model with a career and too much she still wanted to do with her life.  So, as I predicted just by what it lead up with, Cici was on the verge of egg extinction, if she ever wanted to have children she needed to start now, that meant finding a man.  My heart broke for Cici.  I couldn't imagine being told that I couldn't have children.  My husband and I were blessed with the ability to make that decision on our own, a decision we made after having four children already.  I couldn't even begin to understand how it would feel to be told that I was near the end of my baby making time before having that opportunity.  I feel for anyone who doesn't get to make that choice.
  All and all this show was great and something I could really see me getting into.  I would hope there are more people like me who enjoy this because I would love for it to continue for a few years.  I would definitely take an hour each week to watch this, I would make a point of it.

  I give this show 2 out of 2 thumbs up!

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