Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft eBook Review

Product Description:
Ten witchcraft stories by ten authors, edited by Rayne Hall

If you meet a witch, will you know if they're the kind or the evil sort? If you hear about someone practicing witchcraft, how do you judge if their magic is real? If rumors spread through your neighborhood or mass hysteria sweeps through your community, will you be able to keep a clear head? If the only way to solve your problem is by resorting to witchcraft, will you desist or give it a try?

In this book, all the witches are real. They practice different kinds of witchcraft: Traditional, Stregheria, Santeria, Wicca and more. Some are good, some are evil, and others are in between, so beware of jumping to early conclusions.

Ten authors share their visions of witches and witchcraft, and each tells their story in a different writing style. To reflect the authors' individual voices, you will find both American and British English words and spellings in this book.

See which story of these ten resonates most with you. Enjoy the tales - but be warned: these witches may not be what they seem.


  Aww witchcraft.  What's not to love about witchcraft stories?  This is, yet another, great read put together by Rayne Hall.  She has a knack for putting together books filled with shorter tales that are sure to entertain their readers.  I really enjoy her ability to choose worthy tales to include in her compilations.  It mustn't be easy considering there are so many great stories out there, I don't know how she narrows the field and chooses the tales that she eventually puts in her books but I am so happy she does.  I enjoy reading the stories that are written by different authors, I mean when you think about it, you're getting ten different stories in one book.  How could you not like that?

  Although I'm not a huge fan of short stories because I always find myself wanting more, especially if the author is well written and captures my attention from the start.  I never want stories to end by those individuals. I find a lot of short stories are like that.  I don't know if the author isn't confident enough to write a longer tale or if they just think it should be over, in which case I'm fine with but please write more, write something else longer.. and then longer again, until you're writing those long novels that I never want to start because they're too time consuming and I fear I'll either never put it down and "real life" will pass me by for a few days or I just don't have the time.  I am a busy lady after all, four children require a ton of attention some days.  Which is just another reason why I love Rayne Hall's talent in picking some very entertaining stories that leave me wanting more but are satisfying to read all at the same time.

  I really like this book, you will find many good tales inside.  There is some language that some people my find inappropriate but that suits the story.  Could have done without the language but the story just wouldn't have been the same.  If you like books like this one then I believe, for the most part, this book will be a welcomed addition to your bookshelf.

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  1. Sounds interesting that the book contains tales from all different aspects of witchcraft. Often writing a short story takes incredible skill.