Meet Silkki

Good day Everyone,

  My name is Sally, I am the Owner, Product Tester and Review Author here at Silkki's Reviews.  Anything that you read on this website following the words "MY REVIEW" are my own, personal, unedited, truthful thoughts and feelings regarding whatever you're reading.  I am PR FRIENDLY, I love testing new products for new companies that aren't well known and for well known companies that everyone's heard of.  I like to give everyone's products a chance at a fair review.  I am a work from home mom of the four most amazing children that I have ever met.  I spend all of my free time with my children, my husband, our two dogs, our four cats and our seven chickens, and our bunnies.  I can also be found making things in my workshop.  If it's after the kid's bedtime I will likely be reading a book that I will later review here on Silkki's Reviews, or I may be watching a movie or baking/cooking something for the family.

  Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.  I have four children, three girls(19, 13, 9) and a boy(11).  I'm married to the most wonderful man in my world and I enjoy every minute of life, even the ones that are turning my hair grey.

If you're interested in having a product featured on Silkki's Reviews please feel free to send me an email with some details silkkisreviews (@) gmail (.) com

Thank you for your time.  Please remember I will not be able to accept all offers BUT I will try to accept as many as possible.  I have to give everything a fair review and I don't want to overbook my time, there are a lot of important things in my life that I share with my review time.