Product Review Policy

Welcome to the Product Review Policy section of my website.  In 2011 I started Silkki's Reviews and started reviewing products for different companies, my first sponsored review was with the WB.  They sent me the Complete Fourth Season of Everwood, which I loved.  I used to watch it on T.V. when I was a lot younger but hadn't seen it in many years.  I was thrilled to get it.  And then my love of reviewing and telling the world what I think of things began, or at least developed deeper.

  Please know that ALL reviews are the personal honest opinions of myself and they may include some opinions from husband and four children.  I do not accept any pre-written work from any company or individual providing product for review or any other persons related to said products.  I do however reserve the right to include product descriptions with my reviews that might come from the company.  I am very determined to bring you honest reviews that are straight from my head & heart and not from someone who's trying to sell the product.

My Product Review Policy
If you have a product or service you would like reviewed here on Silkki's Reviews I would love to hear from you. Here are the policies you will need to be aware of:

1. Please understand all reviews will be honest and contain only my individual opinions and those of my immediate family.

2. Products sent for review will not be returned after reviewing and will not be accepted if shipped C.O.D.

3. Unless specifically requested otherwise, I reserve the right not to include affiliate links to the products in my review posts.

4. Please keep products age appropriate.  I will review products for the entire family, including "Adult Theme" products.  Our family is mom, dad, three girls 19, 13, 9 and one boy 11, we will also review products for our two German Shepherds, four domestic house cats and fowl related products for our racing pigeons and our laying chickens, rodent products for our hamsters and guinea pigs, products for bunny or goats (pygmy goats) as well as horse products. Yes, it's a farm around here!!

5. Please consider allowing me to host a giveaway for the product you're sending to be reviewed. If you wish me to host a giveaway of your product, please be aware that I require you to ship the giveaway product to the winner directly, I will not pay to ship any winning prizes to winners on behalf of companies.

6. Unless otherwise requested, I will not include links to your product or brand website and social media accounts in the review post.

7. I WILL NOT accept any previously written review content, this website is to contain only my original opinions and thoughts on the products I have received for reviewing purposes.

8. At this time, product review post turn around is 2-6 weeks.  Unless, the testing of the product will need more time to accurately test, in which case you will be notified via email with a time frame.  If you need the review sooner than the 2-6 weeks please specify the reason why and date it will be required.

9. You will be contacted with updates on product receipt and of post publishing date/time as well as a link to the review that I've written for your product(s).

10. Please consider offering a discount or coupon code to be included in the review for my readers, with such discount/coupon code a link will be provided to the product for my readers to follow.

Please let me know if your product will be shipped to my Canadian Shipping Address in New Brunswick or if it will need to be sent to our American Shipping Address in Maine. Review preference will be given to those shipping to Canada and longer turn around times will be required for reviews of those shipping to the USA as we do not go to get our mail every day from across the border.

If you have any other questions or if you would like to contact me for a review please email me at silkkisreviews(at)gmail(dot)com Please specify if it is going to New Brunswick or Maine.