Knowing Vera eBook Review

Vera Custodio has never fallen in love, though she has strong feelings for her friend and sometimes lover, Zach Spencer. Long-forgotten memories resurface when Vera discovers Zach’s mother was the woman her father supposedly murdered many years ago.

After losing his leg, former triathlete Zach Spencer reevaluates his life—and realizes he’s falling in love with Vera. After she ends their relationship, Zach is determined to prove his love and follows her to Australia in search of the killer.

Caught between a web of family secrets and a deranged adversary, Vera and Zach must depend on each other for survival. Love blossoms, but the truth explodes everything Vera knows about herself. Will she close her heart forever or risk it all for a shot at happily-ever-after?

[Content Advisory: Hot, steamy love scenes and a few swear words.]

Have you ever picked up a book and been captivated right from the start?  That's how I was with Knowing Vera!  I couldn't believe how quickly I had gotten entranced with the live of the main character.  At first I was starting to think that Vera and Zach were some how related, I never expected the twist I got in those first couple of pages.

This book was definitely a thrill to read. I stayed up late at night with very heavy eyes to read this, I just couldn't put it down, I wanted to know what happened next, I wanted to see the mystery solved of who really murdered Lillian Spencer.  I woke in the night and just couldn't fall back to sleep, I found myself wanting to read the book, I just couldn't resist it's temptation.  My husband woke up in the night asking what I was doing? Why was I on my computer so late or early depending on how you looked at it!?  I would spend a good three hours reading it in the night, I don't know if it took that long because my eyes were heavy and hard to keep open or if it was just because I was trying to take in as much as I could before falling back to sleep at 6am, either way the book was not nearly finish and I had to pick it up to read it again the next day.  I would read it for many days if I needed to.  If the book had have been longer, I would have definitely found time somewhere to read it, as often and as long as I could.

Yes, I would say this is definitely a good book to read, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I loved the character of Vera and the tension between her and Zach.  The love she so desperately tried to ignore, as to not let anyone get close to her.  Even her best friend made comment of how she shut people out, which is something I can relate to.  I think we all do it for different reasons, we don't want to experience the pain and heartache to relive memories and feelings that we do desperately desire to forget. It's much easier to shut that part of ourselves off than to risk the pain again.

I enjoyed reading this story, I found it captivating and interesting, from start to finish. I was hopeful for a happy ending, for Vera's dad's name to be cleared of the murderer of Zach's mother.  I found it hard to put down for sure.  If you're into romance with a little intrigue and mystery then this may be a good book for you to grab a copy of and sit down and read.  Just be warned, if you're anything like me, clear your calendar, find a quiet spot where you won't be interrupted and get lost in the life of Vera.  It's very easy to do.

I give this book 2 out of 2 thumbs up.

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  1. Thanks so much for your review of Knowing Vera. I'm glad you were captivated by her and Zach's love story. Bests, Rachelle