Personally, I like some testing variety!!

There are so many places out there where bloggers can get products for reviewing purposes.  I try to join as many as I think I can handle.  And I don't join them all.  I joined Smiley360 awhile back and the reason I did was because I can have the opportunities to view a variety of products.  The great things about PR's like this is that it's not company specific, meaning you're not always going go just be getting offers to review movies or just books or just clothes or just stamps... I don't know, I just through that out there.  I really love the variety.  And you don't take on all assignments, or at least I don't.  I know some people who do and that's fine, to each their own, but for me, I take on assignments that I feel will be a good fit with my family.  I mean, I have children who are all over 3, out of diapers, they are all completely toilet trained so odds are good I'm not going to apply for diapers.  I don't need to review them, it's not like I can use them on any one.  And one thing that I pride myself on over at Silkki's Reviews is HONEST reviews.  I never want to take on a campaign or product that isn't a good fit for my family.  Although, I have run into some movies that had me shaking my head wondering what I had gotten myself into.  I mean really, what?!
  I have watched them even if they weren't "my" kind of movie, just because that is a promise that I have made to every company, to every individual that I work with.  I will always write a review based on my personal experience with that product.  I hope that agencies understand that!  Well, I need to get going, I will be back later tonight I have something exciting to share about My Little Man!!!

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