Disney Fans Pre-Order Disney Classics Box Set NOW!!

Pre-Order Disney Classics Box Set TODAY!

We've all enjoyed watching Disney movies and singing along to all the wonderful songs.  I know when I was younger I had memorized every word of the Lion King, when the songs came on I just belted them out at the top of my lungs.  I was a fantastic singer and I knew it, really I wasn't but shhh don't tell anyone.  My mom even bought me the Lion King music tape (as in a cassette tape) and I enjoyed singing to it in the car.  If I ever had doubt of my parents love I can just look back at all the out of tune singing they endured over the years and I'll know they loved me a whole lot.  I mean, I find it hard to listen to my children sing sometimes and it's very difficult not to say "you're out of tune" "the words are all wrong" but I see their happy faces in my rear view mirror and I remember my own experience and that's what childhood is all about.  Driving your parents nuts in the small confines of a 7 passenger Minivan when they have no choice but to enjoy  your wonderful melodies.  With all these memories I'm reliving I think I will be getting this Box Set for sure.  I mean, if I have to listen to my own children sing I would rather hear the sounds of beautiful Disney Music that will bring on many wonderful memories of movies than have to listen to the junk on the radio nowadays that the kids like.  Yep, Disney Music is much better for sure.

  No one has mastered to art of childhood quite like Disney, the movies, the music and more.  I truly enjoy watching Disney movies with my children, dancing around the living room singing the songs that we all love so much.  What better gift to give them then to get this box set?  Which releases November 12th but you can pre-order until November 11th at Amazon and bring home the magic of Disney music?  I get really excited just thinking about this Disney Classics Box Set.  The songs are great for children and their developing minds, they aren't just music they are Disney Magic.  This box set consists of four volumes of the collection: Disney Modern Classics, Disney Timeless Classics, Disney Theme Park Classics and Disney Television Classics.  Bringing favorite musical moments to fans of all generations, including my own, and I look forward to singing and dancing to all these songs with my children.  Making new memories for them to have when they are older have children of their own. 

Hey, check this out... Disney Hits a Capella Medley... with over a combined 100+ million views, Alex G and Peter perform covers of songs using only the sounds of their voices. The music video debuted on Alex G’s YouTube Channel, garnering over 568,000 views in less than 24 hours.

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