Fight Night at my humble abode... UGH!!!


That's all I have to say!!

Well maybe not.  Today was a great day Little Miss B, My Little Man and I played with Lego/MegaBloks all day, and had a ton of fun.  I'm not sure we could make anything else.  I made a fantastic Lego float, as in a Christmas float.  It would have been better had we had a Santa Clause, but it was super fantastic with Star Ship Troopers, Papa Smirf, some firefighters, some race car divers, yep, It was great!!  Enter bombarding Santa Float photos....

 So after this great day, My Sailor get home from work early.  And of course, sees that "nothing's been done" in the house today.  Never mind the load of laundry, load of dishes (which of course there is always more of both no matter what we do) and the sweeping, the tidying up around the house.  But yes, for the most part today was, as always, all about my children.  They are my life, I live, breath, everything I do, actually, it's all for them.  I love my children very much, and they will only be young once.  I'm sorry if I don't care that it bothers you that I didn't do the dishes right away or I didn't take the compost in the pouring rain.  I spend the day enjoying the time I have with my children.  I won't live for ever, neither will they, I sure hope I live longer than all of my family though.  I would be lost without them.
When my son was 5 months old we almost lost him.  He had the Influenza A virus, a strain that the Dr. waiting to tell me until he was on his way to better health, it the strain and virus that kills the old and the young.  Well thank you Dr. had you told me that when I got in the hospital I likely would have punched you.  I couldn't believe it. Here I am with a 5 month old baby, I never left he hospital the entire time he was in there, I barely slept. I would nod off now and then from exhaustion but I didn't sleep.  My bestest friend worked at the hospital so she brought me her iPod to play every day that she was there.  She made sure to come and see me so that I wasn't lonely.  My husband brought our older two daughters in and they also went to my parents to spend some of the nights.  So my husband could work and sleep.  There is a benefit to being a stay at home mom.  When my outside life needs to stop for my children, it does and no one is affected by it.  No one notices because what I do is all in my house and I love it that way.  I never had to call my boss or worry about being fired, which by the way I would have been and that would have been fine.  NOTHING is more important to me than my children.  I love them very much and I just hope when I'm gone they some how stumble upon this website and see that even though I was rough on them at times and even though I didn't always let them get what they wanted I always did what I thought was best for them, I did the best of what I could with what I had!!

So, I guess what started the argument today was that when my parents brought My Boo and Lucy Lu back home I was trying to talk to my daddy and My Little Monkey was running around the house being extremely loud, throwing balloons and kicking them.  I just wish my husband would have done something to stop him other than just saying "stop".  When you say the word and it doesn't work you need to physically make him stop, in my world this means... stop sorting the Lego into their color coordinated bags that I so definitely want them to be in (and thank you for that by the way) but I want you to go over, sit on the sofa and tell him to come sit with you and talk to you.  That's how I solve things, why can't he be more like me?  Why can't he do all the things that I would do? Without me asking or telling him to!  He should just automatically say all the things I would, right?  Okay, well in a perfect world he would do everything the way I do and I wouldn't need to worry about our parenting skills being different.
So, we got into an argument, some things were said that needed to be, some things we said that we just said out of anger to hurt the other person (the other person being me) but that's okay, I've got broad shoulders.  I have learned through many years of life that sometimes, a lot of times, people just say things to make themselves feel better.  And that's okay, I'm okay with that.  I don't mind being someone to listen to all the crap, I am hear to stay, to support, to prove to him that our love is the forever kind, no matter what.  Our argument wasn't huge, don't get me wrong, I don't want to blow it out of proportion but it was huge for us since we never have them.  We have likely had one argument a year all of our years of marriage which I guess is a good thing.  Great thing really, I know people who fight all the time and not about big things either.  I really wish the best for my family, my husband does too, but we need to have things a little more orderly, I think I'm going to start to write little "cheat sheets" and hang them around the house in different areas.  Just so everyone, children included, knows what is expected to be done in one day.

THEN... to top off the night Little Miss B took it upon herself to stay up until two hours past My Boo's bedtime (she gets to stay up an hour later than the younger three).  I couldn't believe it.  My husband put her to bed and she came right down, then he did it again, a few more times and she said she had to go pee.  Then she was hungry so she came down and ate a hamburger.  She still didn't want to go to sleep so I took her up we talked for a few minutes, I told her this was enough messing around she needed to go to sleep now because it was really late and she had to get some sleep.  I do give her credit though because she did go upstairs and had a nap today all by herself, without being told, without letting me know which turned it into a not so good thing.  When she went up I thought it was strange that I didn't hear anything from upstairs so I called up and I didn't hear anything, a couple more times of calling her name without response put me into crazy mommy panic mode.  I dropped everything, yelling her name on the go, I ran upstairs as fast as I could, glancing in everyone's room on the way, she wasn't in any and of course her's is the last one down the hallway.  I got to her room and I can only assume that my crazy screaming out of her name woke her up because she was sitting on the edge of her bed in a little dazed state.  She looked worried, so I know she heard me calling and that she didn't know what was going on or why I was calling her.  I comforted her, which was comforting to me, and then I laid her back down and let her know she could go back to her nap.  And she did, for at least another hour.  I was very surprised at the amount of sleep she had today, so although it frustrated both, her father and I, I do sort of understand why she didn't want to go to bed at bedtime.

Today just wasn't our day, but that's okay, tomorrow will be much better!! 
One more week until our Wedding Anniversary.  Many many more happy years to come!!

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