New From Nintendo... kind of disappointed...

  Well I received this FANTASTIC news from Nintendo today... See photo above, and the photo is a link to the website if you'd like to go there and see what's all the hype...  So, as much as I love Nintendo this news, even though it is fantastic, really makes me ANGRY... GRRRR... I just bought My Little Man and Little Miss B each a Nintendo DS because My Boo and Lu both have 3DS, even though they don't use the 3d part they still have them because some games are only available for that system (of course, just another way to get money right).  So, back to me being angry.  I just bought these things, they cost me more than this "new" system and the young two can't play the 3DS games, when we go to the store they always want the games that can't be played in their systems, because they're the cool games.  And now THIS comes out.  Something that would allow them to play the games with the big girls, the 3DS games.
  It's nice that Nintendo got smart and realized not everyone likes the idea of the 3D system, I for one wish I never got them because they cost so much (at the time) and the kids never use that function.  The novelty quickly wore off  I'm so happy they figured it out and they made a system compatible with both games without the 3D function.  Now if they could make one that accepting of 3DS, the regular DS games and the Game Boy Advance games that would be fantastic.  I hate that we have lonely games that will never be played again because the system broke and you can't buy it anymore, and even if you could you would then have a new system with virtually no games since they don't make the games anymore.  I get that times change and we evolve and the systems do too but really... not everyone has the money to keep up with the "tech" evaluation and it would be nice if at least one company saw that and understood it and stopped wiping out all of "last season's product" just because something new came along.  The people who are suffering are the children these games are supposed to be made for.  Those children who's parents live pay cheque to pay cheque and who can't afford all the latest "fads".  Some kids nowadays are just plain mean and they are very material and put too much interest into what they have that other kids don't.  SLOW DOWN and let the little guys catch up.

  We bought our first hand held system when it was on clearance, all the games were as well, I think I got the games for $2 or $3 in the bargain bin at Walmart, that's all I could afford, and while all my daughter's friends had DS systems she had a Gameboy Advance... woohoo we're moving up in the world.  But not fast enough because they made quick work of that and now you can't find any of those games.  I believe, don't hold it against me if I'm wrong, but I think the system I later bought My Boo was a DS system that would use both DS games AND the Advance games, thank you for that smart work as well Nintendo, but alas those are few and far between now, you can't even buy them any more I don't think.  So, here I sit, hoarding some Advance games hoping one day a system will pop up on Kijiji that I can get second hand, for a pretty penny, that with my luck won't work.  But I like the games better.  Technology is advancing and the games are getting less fun (for me anyway).  I bought My Little Man a Sonic Game the other day and the damn thing doesn't work.  It's busted or I'm just plan dumb because it won't get off of Demo, no matter what we do.  I was so frustrated had I not set it down I would have thrown it out the van window.  Yes, I bought it on the go one day when we were out shopping, was a great idea at the time, again, it was $5.

  Maybe Nintendo will be nice and "gift" us two of these new toys... how fantastic would that be?? I mean I do spend a ton of money on their stuff.... Ya, I didn't think they would either.  Looks like we'll be saving up for these so that my kids can FINALLY all play together.  I'm so happy that will be the end result.  But by the time I can afford these there will be the next best thing out there, which I don't really care about, we don't buy the latest and greatest (because we just can't afford to, I have children to feed).  What I do care about is that usually with the newest comes the end of the old games.  Playstation is worse for that, it's stupid you can't play PS2 games in the PS3... and now they are coming out with the PS4 ugh!!  Oh well, I don't need to worry, as much as I loved my PS3 there was a manufacturer defect with it and because of that it doesn't work so I'm out of luck, it was too "old" when I realized what the issue was and now there is nothing that can be done because it fell out of warranty.  Story of my life.  Anyway, if you have kids and want to play the 3DS games without the effects of the 3D I would totally recommend getting this new system.  If you can afford it.

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