Happy Wednesday

  For me Wednesday is generally a dreaded day.  My husband goes to work at 4 in the morning and doesn't come home until 11:30 at night.  I wake up and do the usual things, get the three oldest off to school and enjoy the day lazing about with Little Miss B.  Although today I kept a little busier than usual, I have a listing Vacant Lot listing expiring on Friday so I had to get the paperwork ready to go on that to extend the listing.  There is another agent's client coming to look at it in the beginning of November which is nice, hopefully he'll buy it.  He's coming from Pennsylvania and this is his second trip to see it so that right there sounds promising.  Hopefully they put in an offer.  It's a beautiful lot right on the Rideau Waterway, 222 acres of water out your front do to play with... who wouldn't love that?  Well, I guess people who are afraid of water may have issues with it.

  The kids wanted pizza for dinner tonight, which I'm fine with because that's something that can easily be saved for when my sailor gets home tonight and then he can eat dinner.  The main reason I don't like Wednesdays is the lack of seeing my husband but at the same time I guess I should use this time for some quiet time, I usually end up doing most of my "testing" on these nights, while the kids are sleeping and he's away with work.  I don't mind that part too much, then I get my stuff done without taking away from him.  Don't get me wrong he loved taking part in American Horror Story: Asylum and my oldest daughter enjoyed watching Bones: Season 8 with me, but when it comes to reading there really isn't much "together" we can do.  He doesn't like to read and I can't really pay attention to what he's doing and my book at the same time.  So for that reason I guess I do like Wednesdays.  It's can be my bittersweet day.  

  Tonight I am going to be doing some studying because I have an exam on Saturday and I need to be prepared for it.  I remembered when I started doing this career training just why I didn't like school... ugh.  And some reviews need to be posted tonight as well so I have a busy evening.  

  I will try to get back tonight but I can't make any promises, I have 1000 multiple choice questions to go through as well as a huge text book. Oh the joys.  Take care everyone, happy Wednesday!

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