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My Not-So-Ordinary Life is an autobiography that tells the author’s life story up to age 28. The book reminisces about her innocent times in childhood, reveals the difficult experiences she faced in adolescence, and shows how she persevered and changed her life as an adult. The final message of the book is: Life will have its ups and downs but, ultimately, you will be okay, and maybe even good, in the end.


  Where to begin, there are so many freakishly familiar things between the words contained in this story and my own life, it was very weird to read.  I have often thought to myself, "if I were to write my story out would it be interesting, would people read it?"  I am so happy that I got the opportunity to read this autobiography, it was very nice to go into the mind and life of the author and see what she'd experienced growing up.  Of course, with most things we compare our lives to that of movies or stories, even some music we can find things that are very close to how we feel, what we've gone through, etc etc.

  I really enjoyed this story, not only because we both love ski-ball but because it's really nice to get to know people, even if you'll never really know them.  I really enjoy knowing how "real" people's lives are.  There is something more thrilling about non-fiction books than there is about watching a fictional movie on television.  I would much rather "see" the visions in my own mind of how people lived than watch actors on TV.  Especially this book, it was very nice to read something that was like my own life.  I enjoyed knowing that I wasn't the only one who didn't find their place in elementary school, I know many people feel that way and have experienced it but it's different when you're actually reading about it, there is some sort of relief knowing you're not alone, and this person turned out fine too.  I mean look at her, she's an author, publishing many books, all of which, the ones I've read so far I have been able to relate to in one way or another, all of which I have liked, and know I can understand even more as to why that might be.  I love the memories shared in this book.  The circle in the sand/gravel while waiting for the bus, I can see that, completely envision her and her bff doing that.  Stories like that are the ones that I like the best.  I do love feeling a part of the story but there is something even more wonderful about watching it play out in front of you as if you were looking out the front window watching them wait for the bus.

  We move on to the teen year and through them I can relate and then I'm not as similar at the same time.  It's hard to explain but I really like that she was open enough to let us into her teen years and all that was present through that them.  I really find this autobiography to be a worthwhile read.  To see into the life of this author is nice, to read about the struggles and the trials and tribulation that she faced.  This is a wonderfully detailed journey through the life of Christine Rice and her journey to discovering who she is and what she wanted to be.  We all have issues with finding out what we want to do, many travel down different paths before realizing that is not what is meant for them.  It is an unfortunate truth about human life, we aren't born knowing what we want to do and where we want to go, we need to discover it.  Not all things that we think are best for us really are.  We may not like what mom and dad have to tell us but it's sometimes true.  We really wish that we were right, that we know it all, we know what's best for us not our parents.  Rebellion is something that most teens do, I didn't really, not that I can recall.  I didn't need to.  My parents were great, I was the younger of two and I was for the most part "the good one".  Don't get me wrong my brother was the best and worst brother I have, he was great some days but we had our issues, things weren't always as they are now and even now we rarely see each other.  But in this book, Christine mentions many things that she's experienced, love, heartache, partying, finding herself, different careers, jobs, and more, she has life a life most cannot comprehend.  I admire her for making her choices, for deciding what she wanted to do regardless of what her parents wanted, for her self discovery... it takes a lot for someone to put it out there, she's a fantastic writer and I really enjoy reading her work, this is just another book to add to that list.  I really do think she's done a great job, considering what she's gone through, all the choices she's made, I think she's doing wonderful and she needs to write more.  She should be happy knowing that her work will be read by many and that her story will be read and known by many.  I really enjoyed this book, I loved getting to know the author, feeling that I would get along with her in real life, seeing the life she's lived, I really like her.

  This story is a great read, if you would like to get to know Christine Rice then I would suggest you grab a copy of this and get lost in the life she's lived.  Written at 28, this story is a little behind of where she is, I'd like to know what she's done in the years since, but I'm assuming they have been spent writing the rest of her work.  Helping give guidance to some on different subjects as well as helping guide some writers with their craft.

  If you're interest in finding out more about Christine please grab yourself a copy of this book and enjoy learning the depths of what brought her to where she is today.  I hope her college work is finish and I can already see (read) that she's doing wonder work.  Good luck Christine, thank you for allowing this look into your life.

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