They Grow Up to Fast...

Lego has become a favorite in my house.  Everyone from my 3 year old to...well...ME!!  We all love playing with Lego and creating new things.  My Bestest(may not be a word in your vocabulary but it is in mine) friend bought My Little Man this Lego Creator set for his 5th birthday, yes it says age 7-12 but we still built it and loved it.  We built the robot first even though mommy wanted to build the helicopter, but don't sweat it, we built the helicopter today... what a great boy!!
So, even though there are many little pieces in this kit (223 pcs in total), my son had no difficulties getting them where they were supposed to go.  He would look at the instructions page, and his interpretation of what he was seeing was right on.  He's a smart Lego creating monster.
It was bitter sweet that he was able to build the Helicopter all by himself.  I kind of felt sad that I wasn't needed but very happy that he could read the directions that Lego supplies and do this all by himself.  He should be very proud of himself.  I can't believe how well he'd done on this helicopter.
I must say I am very proud of all four of my children when they are creating with Lego blocks. They are all very independent little contractors.  I wish they needed me more but I realized today that If I sit my kids in front of a bunch of building blocks I will have more than enough time to do things around the house... like change the litter box :( Not quite as fun as playing with blocks but I guess mom can't always have fun, doesn't mean I can't always be fun though :)

This is a carbon copied post from my other website!  All opinions expressed are my own and not anyone else.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.  Just wanted to share what we did this morning.  Take care everyone.

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