YEBIS 2 ~~Announcement~~

Xbox One Launch Title Showcases the
Unique Visual Effects of YEBIS 2 Middleware
Tokyo, Japan – November 21, 2013 – Silicon Studio, a high-end middleware provider and game developer, announced today that the Xbox One® Kinect-enabled launch title Fighter Within will feature next-gen effects courtesy of the post-processing power of YEBIS 2.  As the most immersive motion-based brawling experience to release, the realistic optical effects of YEBIS 2 enable Fighter Within to significantly raise the visual quality for this highly anticipated Xbox One launch title.
“To be part of the revolutionary Xbox One launch is thrilling,” said J√©rome Coppens, CTO of Daoka. “It’s a great feeling to be confident with the quality of our launch title, Fighter Within. The confidence comes from working with a team dedicated to this fighting game project and the help from Silicon Studio’s YEBIS 2 middleware.  The amazing post-processing effects enabled us to achieve the next-gen visuals without sacrificing unnecessary development time.”
Xbox One launch title Fighter Within, post processing effects by YEBIS 2
“Through the use of our high-end middleware, developers can effectively and efficiently achieve next-gen visual quality,” says Takehiko Terada, CEO of Silicon Studio.  “YEBIS 2 offers powerful post-processing visual effects without sacrificing development time, money, and resources.  We like to congratulate Ubisoft and Daoka with the launch of Fighter Within and look forward to working with next-gen game developers to help achieve their next-gen graphic benchmarks.”
YEBIS 2 is a post-processing solution with the power to create stunning visual effects for next-gen development while offering current gen developers the ability to deliver high-quality visuals and lens-simulation effects. An effective tool for both large scale game productions as well as small indie teams, YEBIS 2 is the world's only middleware with multi-color customizable glare, depth of field, motion blur, bokeh effects, and more. The software provides various high-quality lens effects which are scalable based upon the platform that the game is being created.  
YEBIS 2 is utilized in Square Enix’s Agni’s Philosophy tech demo, which showcases next-gen game development on PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One®, and more announcements will be coming soon regarding YEBIS 2 post-processing effects for next-gen game products.
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