We're Back!!!

Hello Everyone,

  I know I haven't really been gone, just relocated to a different website. Well, I'm coming back to where I started it all. It's been just over three years with the other site and unfortunately I am not going to take the time to drag everything over here so those reviews, giveaways and information will all be lost in cyberspace now that I've shut down the other site.

  So, when I tell you a lot has changed I mean A LOT has changed. We packed up the kids, and animals and moved a few provinces from where we started out. What an exciting time that was. In doing so I spent the first little while getting settled, had a job, hated my job, left my job, jumped through hoops to open my business up here and that's just what I did this year! We also got a name change, long story there. So, now that my business is off the ground again and keeping me busy I figured the next logical step would be to turn my attention back to Silkki's Reviews. I have definitely missed reviewing and I hope you've missed my reviews, they hadn't been as often over the past three years. But I am ready to make up for that now.

 So, where to start right?? Well, I figured that I would start with all the movie information that I've been sent recently, upcoming movies, news, trailers, etc. etc.

 Sounds fun, right?!

I'm going to challenge myself to get back into this full force so be prepared for lots of reading, I will try to post something every single day!

For my business I have just ordered a NEW Epson Printer which I am super excited to receive it; once it finally gets here! I can assure you that I will definitely be reviewing it in the New Year!!! I can't wait.

 Well, I'm off for now. Like I said, still super busy but I wanted to reach out and let you all know that I was going to be reviewing products again soon and that I was going to be posting often so stay tuned for what's coming up in the new year :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,
Take Care, Sally!