................And the bad days just keep coming.............

Yesterday my best friend sent me a text at 8:30am saying she was moving out of her ex boyfriends house that they had both been living in.  She left him because he left her twice when she was seven months pregnant to go back to his ex girlfriend.  I think he's a very confused individual.  I really love my best friend so at 10 am I was at the house with three of my children in tow.  I spend the entire day until 7 pm helping her move everything that was hers.  The guys ex girlfriend drove by and called him or texted him, who really knows.  One thing led to another and within 10 minutes he was as the house very mad that she was leaving and didn't tell him.  Although she really did, so his anger was not justifiable.  And the fact that he left his pregnant girlfriend gives him no right to be mad.  He left her.  I was so mad.  I stayed at the house the whole time to make sure he couldn't lock her out without getting all of her things and that's what we did.  The neighbor came over and helped with the washer, dryer and fridge but I did the rest with the help of my friend.  I was not letting anything happen to her.  I love her.  Anyway, as far as I'm concerned she is back where she belongs and never should have left so I'm happy for her.

  BUT...for me...today was not a great day.  My son dumped two whole boxes of cereal on my sofa then a bag of corn puffs lol.  I love him so much.  As I was vacuuming them up he says "mommy look at these" and is poking his nipples....he then told me his baby sister needed to eat from them.  What a sweetie.  I laughed before I told him that she can only eat from mommy's boobies.  He's such an incredible little man.  I'm so upset his daddy is missing this.  I can handle being alone, but what I can't handle is my husband missing the children's early years.  I mean these are the important years of their lives and he's missing them.  I love him so much and I know he loves me.  He would do absolutely anything for me and that makes me feel more special than he knows.  I have to go get everyone to bed.  Hoping the good days come back soon....he'll be home in 12 days I'm so happy and we are going to surprise the children by taking them to Great Wolf Lodge so hopefully that will give us much needed make-up family time.

What an adventure....

Hello Everyone,

    Sorry I haven't been around but I took a little break.  My two oldest daughters got home from school as per usual on Thursday May 26th, 2011 at 3:40 pm and by 5 I decided to spontaneously pack up and drive 18 hours to see my husband.   The children were great, we left our town by 8pm Thursday night and we got to our Motel room and all checked in by 3 picked up daddy by 5 and we spent the entire weekend with him we stayed until Tuesday.  We were only supposed to stay until Monday, but my husband hurt himself and I was hoping they would send him home so we stayed the extra night to make sure he didn`t drive home alone in bad shape.  He didn`t.  They switched his course, then switched it back and he`s still there, two more weeks to finish up this one but then in October when he goes for his two months he will need to go a week early to make up for this missed week :(  I`m okay with that.  I sort of had a break down today.  I still haven`t caught up on the sleep that I have missed (I drove straight without stopping to sleep or rest....long days) and I`m still tired.  My 5 year old is just as tired.  She was having a very bad day today.  Crying at everything.  I felt bad for her.  But the next time he goes away we won`t be surprise visiting him.  It was too cold for me there in May and June so I`m not going in October or November lol.

  My husband and I got into a disagreement tonight and I felt really bad because I wasn`t handling the time alone with four children well today because I`m sick and I`m still tired and I blamed the military and I know if it came down to me or the military he would choose me and that makes me happy, but I don`t want him to make that choice just because I had a bad day.  Everyone has bad days and today was mine.  I haven`t before, I was really good the last three times he`s been away I think it`s partially because I was hoping he`d have to come home and they kept him.  I love him very much and he loves the Navy so I will support him no matter what his choice.   Some times, most times, the life of a military wife is not a great life.  We get the crappy end of the deal more often than we don`t.  The military has our husbands and we don`t know what`s going on for sure.  It`s always wishy washy, things change all the time on a seconds notice.  There are no guarantees.  There is no way to know what will happen in the future.  From one day to the next everything can change.  Our husbands aren`t to blame as they don`t know what is going to happen either.  I just pray that my husband is always safe :)  That my friend`s husbands are always safe.  I love what they do for us to keep us all safe and living free.