So proud of myself today....

Hey everyone, how was your day so far today?  Mine has been great.

My five year old slept with me through half the night last night so I wasn't so lonely....a little at a loss for room in my bed, but that is always a welcomed loss.  Both girls had showers before school this morning, both younger children were spectacular today and I got so much accomplished.  I spend 5 hours today studying and then I got my Smart Serve Certificate, which is totally awesome.  I was thrilled.  I can't believe I finally did it.  My husband and I talked about it for a long time and I just kept putting it off, but I figure, better get doing things.  Life is going to keep going whether I do it now or later.  When my husband comes home I will now be able to go to work at night part time when the children are in bed.  That is exciting, I don't want to work, but I do want to know that I'm doing what I can to help provide for our wonderful family.  My husband works a full time job on top of being in the Navy so he does so much for us and I'm not even sure he realizes it.  He is always keeping busy and trying to do everything, he never takes a break, he feels like he's doing something wrong if he's not keeping busy.  I really don't like that trait that he has because I would love to spend some quality time with him sometime.  But to him quality time is him doing dishes and me cleaning something else in the kitchen.  Backs to each other but being able to talk.  I really just want to sit down and have a coca~cola and popcorn and watch a movie with him.  And what's worse about that is that while he's away doing his training right now...during his "down time" all they do is watch movies and tv.  And on the weekend he went to watch "The Priest" which is a movie I wanted to watch, with him would be have been great, but when he's home we don't have time for a movie, let alone going out to a movie.

Today has been such a wonderful day, I finally got to sit down with my "bestest" friend.  I haven't been able to see her lately as she's working a lot.  It's funny how the two most important adults in my life are both unavailable at the same times.  Some day my family will be moving quite a distance away and this friend is going to be one of the few people I will miss here.  I really hope she knows how much we love her, how much I love every thing she has done and continues to do for my family.  I have never met someone as nice and genuine as this wonderful person.  We can talk to each other about anything although I realized today that we haven't really talked much lately.  I have been trying to keep myself busy, as to not miss my husband too much. And with her working all the time I really just don't get to say all the things I want to and I sure am not hearing the things that I should be as well.  I want her to know that she can always talk to me about anything at anytime of then day or night.  I don't ever want to drift so far away from any of my friends that they don't think they can count on me or talk to me about anything. ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!!!

Have a good night everyone.

Am I the only one who thinks cell phone companies rip you off big time?

Last night I put $25 on my husband's cell phone and then we talked for 50 minutes and it ran out, today I put another $25 on it then called him, so the children could all talk to him, they talked for about 6 minutes and he's out of time again.  That is such a rip off and then I call Bell at twenty minutes to 9 none of the options say "to talk to a person press".....they close at 9 which is fine, except as I was very angry and pressing every single button on my phone trying to get it angry with me and forward me onto a person it preceded to tell me that they are closed.  WTH....that's so stupid.  I am so mad I have spent $75 on that dumb cell phone in less than 24 hours and it's out of funds.  How is that even possible.  I just don't understand and now I won't know until tomorrow.  Unfortunately my husband only likes these Nokia bar phones and we can only seem to find one with bell :(  I think when he gets home we will hook his Blackberry up and then we'll be able to BBM all the time for free and call each other as well I do believe.  I'm not sure.   Oops, I have to go my baby is up.  I'll be back later.... :)

Good Morning Everyone....

Welcome back, or welcome for the first time.  So last night there was an incredibly gross beetle in my house and I was too grossed out to kill it so I put a baby food jar over it until my friend could come and move it outside today.  To my surprise, and disgust, this morning when I went to look at him and make sure he was okay I see he moved the baby food jar and is loose now.  Some where in my house there is an ugly vengeful beetle who now wants to eat me for keeping him hostage most of the night.  Okay, so with any luck the last bit of that is a little bit of an exaggeration.  I hope anyway!

  It is now 8:48 am my time, add an hour to get the time where my hubby is, and I haven't received a text from him yet.  Luckily he's only off doing training so I know that it's "controlled" danger and I'm not really worried about his safety.  I do worry though that he slept in and then was in such a rush to catch the bus that maybe he forgot his phone and then I won't hear from him all day.  I miss him so much when I don't get to actually HEAR his voice.  We text constantly because that's free.  He has pay as you go and I called him last night after putting a $25 card onto his phone, we talked for 50 minutes before his phone disconnected because it was out of funds.  WOW what an expensive 50 minutes, but well worth every penny if you ask this lonely wife.  Some times I find it very funny because I, myself, don't actually understand how with four children, two of which are home all day and two are in school, how can I be lonely.  I love the time I spend with my babies and they keep me really busy, but when I think about him I get lonely.  I don't let it consume me like some people do.  I mean I love him very much and miss him and wish he was home, but I have other things to do with my time, I can't just sit around pondering what he's doing, who he's with etc etc etc.  I have four children and try to keep them busy also.  He was away last year during the whole summer and the children and I spend almost every day at the beach.  The big girls loved swimming and my son enjoyed the park there.  My baby was only 2 months old so she enjoyed her carseat, occasionally the water, but not often.  My husband was only 4 hours away last year so after week 4 we drove up to see him and sometimes we would bring him home.  Even to have him here for 2 nights and spend 16 hours in the car was worth the time we all got with him :)  This year, right now he is away 16 hours away and that is too long to drive just for a weekend visit, for the children anyway, I would do it alone but they shouldn't have to so we'll wait.  But that's okay because he is also only away for 5 weeks.  I can't wait until he comes home, it won't be soon enough.  My 5 year old is going to bake him a welcome home cake :)

My oldest daughter asked to take her iPod to school today and I forgot to grab it for her so now I feel bad, but she only plays it on the bus so it's not a big deal, I'm sure she's over it.  I hope.  Well I have to get going for now, I may be back if anything exciting happens today.  See you all later.

Bed time....Why is it such a chore lately?

So, this happens every night and now that I have a blog I can write about it and get it off my chest.  "Stress free living"  :) 

At bedtime my three of four children go up, use the washroom, brush teeth and get their pajama's on.....the only problem is takes being told over and over and over....My son always wants me to sleep with him, but I have to tell him that I need to put the baby to sleep before I can and when I come back he's sleeping, usually on the floor in front of his door with his pillow and blankets.  I pick him up and I put him into his bed.  Then my five year old will do everything fine, without getting her pajama's on.  She needs to be told over and over...she almost needs to be watched all the time.  My ten year old will wait until all the goodnights and kisses are done, I'm downstairs and then she will come downstairs and say "I can't fall asleep", it's only been 10 minutes.  I find it very hard not to get frustrated.  I try my best but I can't always keep my calm.  It is very difficult to have this same thing happen almost every night and know that no matter how hard I try they will continue to do this.  I love my children very much and I spend all day with them and enjoy almost everything about the day, but you know there are sibling fights and tantrums and through it all I will always love them, They are wonderful children.  Now, how do I get them back into a good bedtime routine?!  Hopefully one day.

When did it all change?

I have spent all day watching tv with my children because for some reason playing outside is "boring" and there is "nothing to do".  I remember when I was a child I was outside all of the time.  I never had an issue with being "bored" outside.  I would like to know where it all changed.  My children used to like to play outside, the middle two still do.  But my oldest has become obsessed with things like iPods, and cell phones, and video games, tv...etc etc etc.  My husband and I have a constant battle with her over electronics and it's so hard because "everyone has one".  We fought very long about a cell phone.  When my husband left this time for military training I found that she was getting a little too upset not being able to communicate with him.  So...She got a cell phone, $25 a month and she is only allowed to text with it.  No phone calls unless it's an emergency.  No extra costs.  It is supposed to be for talking to her dad and the first day she had it she came home from school with the numbers of seven of her friends.  How the heck did that happen, have I been living in the stone age, here I think she is still too young for it and it's a temporary thing until she is older (only to be used when daddy is away) only to find out that a lot of children have them.  So many children have all of these things it makes me shake my head.  I really believe that children are losing a lot of their youth, they are being robbed of what childhood is all about and it's because parents would rather buy them an electronic device to shut them up and get them out of their hair.  How sad is that.  I don't know maybe I need to come to terms with the times but I really believe that children shouldn't be given all these very expensive toys.  Who are they going to call?  Well the answer to that question is sad....and that is ....they are going to call or text all of their friends. :(  Sad but true.  Television programs have become about advertising as well and you don't even notice because it's a part of every day life now, all these children on the shows have cell phones.  I wish that children could be children, pick up a stick and pretend to be someone going on an adventure.  I have kind of gotten off of topic, I was supposed to be talking about the television shows I've been watching.  My preteen watches these shows where all the girls are stuck up and snotty and my 5 year old gets that same attitude or there is violence in shows she watches.  In order for me to find shows I approve of the kids have to watch baby shows I think.  I reluctantly let them watch some of the snotty shows and then I feel upset when they pick up the faces and the attitude.  There is no winning in this I feel.  I wish my children could grow up in a time when I did where there were only four channels, 7, 11, 16, 32(sometimes) and 50.  And being outside was the cool place to be.

 Some days I wish we were Amish :)  In my opinion, life may be harder, work is tougher, but that is the life for me.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the times of today.

Hello Everyone

Well hello there, It's nice to meet you.  I am starting this blog not really knowing what to do with it.  Apparently I can just write anything and some people will read it and like it maybe even think it's interesting and then again, some might not.  Let me introduce myself....You can call me Silkki.  I am a mother of 4 wonderful children, I have a 11 year old daughter, 5 year old daughter, 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter (or at least that will be there ages as of December 2011)  I am very proud to be married to an amazing man who stole my heart.  Who unfortunately broke it too.  But not a bad break really.  He joined the military and I support him unconditionally but some times it is very hard.  I believe the military is not the place to raise a family and unfortunately that's what we are doing now.  But it's okay.  He isn't taking too much time away from us so that's not too bad.  I just get upset when I think of the life he now has that we are not a part of.  It hurts my feelings knowing he's way out wherever doing whatever and we aren't doing it with him :(  I know it's kind of stupid and I will get over it eventually, but I still don't have to like that he's having fun exploring new land without me.  I love my husband very much and I will always be here for him.  Our children miss him when he's away but they don't really get upset with it.  They know that "Daddy is at work" and they are okay with that.  We even made calendars for each so they can cross out the days until daddy comes home.  I keep really busy with the children who some days are not as helpful as others but all in all they are wonderful.  I love my little family very much.  Well that is my introduction for now I guess, my babies are up from a nap so I have to get back to doing the best job in the world.  "Gotta earn those smiles and kisses, you know!"