My Meatballs Got Away...

Hey, everyone!

How have you all been?

I know when I came back at the end of last year I said I was going to be much more active, and I didn't. But there is a reason, a good one I think. Have you ever heard that expression... oh, what is it?... you know the one... Something about having too much on your plate! Well, I don't remember the exact way that the expression goes but it seems to me that when you're plate is already super full and you get the brainy idea that you don't have enough going on so you just add more and more until one day all of your meatballs go tumbling down to the floor. HAHAHA That reminds me of a song...
Yep, that's the song.

Anyway, so I guess I jumped ahead of myself when I first said I was coming back. Switching everything here from the years prior has been very time consuming but I'm getting there. I will eventually have everything back here in one place. I guess that overwhelmed me a little and I was spending so much time just transferring from one blog to the other that I got frustrated with myself that I was doing all of the great new posts that I could have been doing. No, this is not an excuse, I'm just letting you know that I'm human and someone sneezed and made my meatballs all go tumbling down to the floor. I have been spending the past 8 months trying to get everything in order again.

I haven't had much time to sleep let alone do anything that I could review, but that's all going to change. I am going to try to post frequently over the next couple of weeks and then once the four little monsters are gone back to school I will make a point to schedule in some day time with my review blog here. Hopefully some of you are still out there and have been hoping I'd get my act together eventually. I have definitely missed hearing from everyone and sharing my stories with you. I'm excited to be getting back into reviewing and blogging again. I'm going to take it slowly at first so that I don't get overwhelmed but I miss you all and I can't wait to hear what's been going on with you.

Have a great day everyone!

Art Therapy ~Giveaway~ Ends September 16th

This giveaway comes to you straight from Payette Custom Creations, you'll need to follow the link to the store's blog in order to enter the actual giveaway, for those interested in unwinding with some adult coloring this might be the perfect giveaway for you... It's a gift that gives. Maybe you like the idea of personalized cards? Well, what gets more personal than hours spent coloring a card to give to a loved one? This giveaway just keeps giving! Enter today for your chance to win this awesome prize. Also, there are EIGHT, that's right 8 different packs that will be given away. I haven't shared all of the photos from the original post but you can see them all for yourself when you head over to enter the giveaway!  Good luck everyone.

From their website:

Has anyone noticed that "Art Therapy" seems to be an exciting thing right now? I personally have always enjoyed coloring, ever since I was a young girl and although growing up I never really saw it as being therapeutic, I definitely see that now. Nowadays you have posters and pictures, coloring books and so much more that are geared towards adults, and yes there are still many for children too.
Our oldest two daughters actually gave each other big posters last year for Christmas, it was kind of funny actually, they did pick different posters but it was still funny. So, I decided that Payette Custom Creations is going to be getting some stock in that will include some Art Therapy Greeting Cards, Washi Tape, and Tags... How exciting!! I mean I know I'm very excited.

I'm pretty excited to bring these to the store because I know that I get the urge some times to sit back and relax, in the tub with candles, okay well maybe not. My four wouldn't let me be alone long enough to have a bath, 5 minutes in the shower is more than enough for mommy... Anyone else run into this issue with children? I thought they were supposed to grow out of it eventually but it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon in my house.... So, my relaxing comes in the form of sitting on the front deck after the children have all gone to sleep and I just get to take in the cool August night. The sun setting, the smell of brisk air. That's exactly where I love to spend my nights, and definitely how I like to relax, just me and the nice breeze. Especially lately, we've been having some pretty hot days these past two weeks or so. So, that's my relaxation time. Sometimes I will doodle, I always loved to draw. And other times I'll get right back to work... how about you? How do you like to relax? Leave a comment below letting me know, it counts as one entry into this awesome giveaway...

These items will all be in stock by Mid-September but I thought I would offer a giveaway for some of these exciting new items. I will give away 8 different random packs, sorry you don't get to choose. Each giveaway pack will include one (1) random pack of greeting cards, one (1) random pack of tags and one (1) random washi tape roll. Each Art Therapy Pack is valued just over $7.00 Canadian.

Good luck to everyone who enters
:) Happy Crafting!

  Giveaway Post HERE