A Feather on the Breath of Ellulianaen

Product Description:
A Feather on the Breath of Ellulianaen is a fantasy novel by Robert Denethon, available in the kindle format. This is book 1 of the Gryphonomicon Gryphon/Dragon histories.
A tale of gryphons, snow-dragons, elves, dwarves, dragons and men. An evil elf-mage is haunting the frozen wastelands in the north. Hinfane the tavern-keeper finds unlikely allies in the mysterious creatures that come on the first night of the new moon to collect the mead that she leaves out for them. You can fight an elf, and it seems that you can win. But elves are not so easy to kill... Hwedolyn the gryphon ends up going on a quest, barely believing in the purpose of it himself, not knowing how it will end. This is the first in the Gryphonomicon Gryphon-Dragon histories, a saga that spans generations and tells of the battles between gryphons and dragons and the rise of Aerae, Princess of the North, Empress of the South. An epic heroic fantasy in the tradition of Tolkien, C.S.Lewis, David Eddings.

My Review:
  I love this book.  I cannot wait for the second one to come out, and I hope there are many after it.  I didn't know exactly what kind of book to prepare myself for.  At first I didn't really think that I would be so mentally involved in this book.  It truly is a wonderful read.

  From the first chapter I was hooked.  I read it in the van on the way to my husbands grandmother's.  Which was a great time to read it.  There is only one thing about having children that I would want to be slightly different and that is that they never let you have time to yourself, not even to read.  I personally never liked reading.  I did it occasionally as a child but it was never something I could get into.  My mother on the other hand always had a book in hand.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I found her asleep on the couch with her book fallen ever so suddenly onto the floor.  She is a reader, the older I get the more I understand why.  I'm old now, my life is what it is and books allow me to escape to a land far away, a land where I can imagine the beauty of a creature like a gryphon, oh to see this beautiful creature outside of my mind would be so wonderful.

  The detail that has gone into describing the characters in this book is wonderful.  I cannot get over how wonderful these "beasts" of the sky would be in real life, surely there would be nothing to be feared of more, except that pesky elf-mage, that guy is no one to be messing with either.  Unfortunately, with the fine descriptive nature of the book I was able to predict just who the elf-mage was so there was no mystery there for me, but my goodness this book was fantastic without that little piece of wonder.  There was much to be excited about as I flipped the pages of the story, it was very exciting from the start right to the finish.  I was not disappointed one bit with any part of the story.  It was wonderfully written in a way that allowed your imagination the joy of creating the amazing images in your mind.

I was very impressed how there is the connection of the gryphons and their own "God" Ellulianaen.  I think it's awesome that the author incorporated a belief in a higher being into this story, at a time when the love and the belief in God seems to be diminishing it is wonderful to read a special version of that belief.  Proving once more that everyone can believe in a higher being, we don't all believe in the same thing and that's alright if you ask me.  As long as we all believe in something and live for the purpose of satisfying our own higher being.... provided that higher being is of a good and noble heart that is.  Not like some weird, obsessed Elf-Mage and what he believes to be right.

I think this is a wonderful fantasy story that would be a great addition to anyone's library.  A great story to allow your mind to wander and imagine, to take you out of the present time and into a realm where mighty creatures that resemble lions and eagle fly around dancing with their grace and their beauty in the sky, and the clouds, in the dark of night where they are only able to be seen by the glistening of the moon.  Yep, this book will take you on an adventure that you're sure to enjoy.

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