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In an era of terrorism and pandemics, with constant threats from differing but equally destructive sources, Thermo-Magnetic Imaging machines represent a seemingly perfect solution. But as privacy and health concerns grow ever more complex, this cutting edge technology delivers more than anyone had bargained for. While the forces behind the scenes fight to conceal their true agenda, the public struggles to cope with a new paradigm so invasive their innermost secrets are laid bare under its powerful lens.

Rob Folsom is a civil liberties activist, a staunch defender of privacy rights. Rosa Perez, a government agent specializing in surveillance, seems an unlikely candidate for him to represent. As Rob is pulled into her world, a world of high-tech spying, corporate intrigue, and black ops government agencies, he becomes caught in a perilous game of cat and mouse. As the target of interest switches from client to advocate, Rob has to find a way to stop them before they sabotage everything he has worked for....


  This book will get you thinking about where your information is going!  I found it to be very interesting, and much like how I fell on most days.... worried about who knows what and what they plan to do with that information.

  When I think about people's safety and information I often think of the great and wonderful land of Facebook, a land we wouldn't have without technology... thanks guys!!!  One thing I think of is all the Facebook pictures that float around "know your rockstar name" and then a list of months days and years are listed and you pick a corresponding word for each and that's your name... UM, really, did you know that by saying "Devil wear red heals" you gave away some important information, who did you just tell that your birthday was October the 15, 1973 <--- that's not my birthday sorry spammers.  That's just one place that I think people are too open with what they let people know about themselves.  Do you know everyone on your list?  Completely trust them also?  I'm getting a little off topic of the book, as many of you know I get into my own world when writing my reviews and away I go...

  So let's get back to this book.  It was a good read, it keeps you interested from start to finish, you have to pay attention or you may forget what's going on.  It's suspenseful and interesting.  At times it could be a little confusing.  As you jump from one character to the next the book may become difficult to piece back together but I think it is worth a read.  If you like Techno Thrillers and can keep up with the who's who in this you'll likely find that you will enjoy this book.  Like in movies when you jump around, luckily with movies you actually "see" who's who, here you have to think a little more.

  I believe a lot of thought when into this book and the suspense will draw you in and take hold.

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