Windy day

Hey now wind, slow down before you break anything else.
  I don't know about you, but in Ontario on Friday we had a ton of wind.  Please excuse the photos as they're from my phone and I see are rather pixalated from zooming in, something my husband is constantly telling me not to do.  Apparently, I can zoom in on the computer and it won't make the pictures look terrible like these ones do.  As you can see the cabin/playhouse that my husband and kids have been building is broken, the one log from the top fell in an smashed the floor, so there is a little bit of repair that needs to be done before chinking can take place.  The reason it's broken is because the wind picked up the kids trampoline and blew it into the field destroying many things in it's path, the fence is in need of repair, the clothesline is busted, the plastic playhouse needs to be straightened up but luckily it didn't suffer any major, irreparable damage.
The power was out Thursday night when we got in from Trick or Treating, around 10:30pm and only came on for short periods until it went out around 8am Friday; at which point it remained off until 12:30 pm Saturday.  It was bitterly cold in my home as we only have oil heat and we have not been able to install a woodstove as of yet.  We were thinking of a pellet stove but we are not thinking that will be a good investment because we would have still been in the cold with this wind storm.
Luckily everyone was at school and my husband was at work on Friday (the windiest of the two days) and it was just Little Miss B and me at home.  We were bundled up well and played a ton of games, it was fun to actually be without electricity, with the exception of not being able to flush the toilets, burn oil or cook food that is.
  I hope anyone else effected by the winds on Friday only had minor damage as well.

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