Winter is Upon Us

I don't know about the rest of you but I was very happy to wake up this morning.  The kids all came running into our room asking if today was a snow day.  And of course it was.  The snow started yesterday and although we don't have much we sure have a beautiful site from our kitchen window again.  Oh what fun.

Personally love winter, not the cold mind you because I really cannot tolerate cold temperatures, but I sure love the beauty of winter.  I love the view from my window and I've been singing winter related Christmas songs all morning.  It's absolutely lovely out.  This afternoon we will be making snowmen, if it's packy enough, and we'll be making snow angels.  The kids are all so excited to get out into the snow and play.  Who can blame them.

Check out this Santa Claus Parade Video.  We can be found at 44:50 :)

Have a great day everyone, enjoy this beautiful snowy day.

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