Candle by the Hour 80-Hour Christmas Tree Candle with 14 Charms

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a Candle by the Hour, 80 Hour Christmas Tree Candle that comes with 14 Charms.  We were about to eat dinner one night when I turned to my children and let them know they had to wait a minute.  I told them "I want to decorate the Christmas tree".  Like a giddy little girl I ran off into the next room and grabbed the Christmas tree from the shelf and the "decorations" (the charms) and I rushed back in.  They all laughed at me.  I guess they weren't expecting it.  Which was even better. 

Little Miss B was the first to put on a charm, she's the youngest so it only seemed fair.  We went around the table from age going up.  Each of our children got to put on three charms and then my husband and I put on two.  I needed to take part in it, after all Christmas is my favorite season (that's another story). 
Each of the kids enjoyed poking their own charms into the candle and then we got to light it.  The smell is very strong, my husband absolutely loves it.  I think we could smell it through the shipping package.  So, I wouldn't suggest it for anyone with a sensitivity to scents.  Sorry to my bestest friend because she would likely enjoy it but her hubby is allergic... ugh, men!!  
It has become a "tradition" to burn this with dinner each night, if we forget (not like that would ever happen) one of our four is quick to remind us "aren't we going to light the candle?"  Well, of course we are.  Each inch burns for about 20 minutes, which is plenty of time to eat dinner so it has kind of become a timer as well.  If the candle goes out we need to finish up and get on with our nightly before bed duties.  Like brushing teeth and bathing etc. 
I'm really happy with this candle.  So far it does everything that it is supposed to.  It self extinguishes once the candle and flame have reached the clip, which I wasn't quite sure would happen because there is plenty of the things a candle needs to burn, like air.  But it really does.  Unfortunately, you need to wait for the candle to then become solidified again before you can pull it off the clip and move it further down the coiled wax.  Well, I guess I should say before you unwrap some more of the coiled wax and bring it up to the clip. 
It really is a beautiful center piece as well, especially for the month of December, but it burns for 80 hours and since it takes us three days to burn one hour I think we'll be good for December.  I really Like this candle, when we run out I think I'll be buying another one, I can never have enough Christmas stuff around.  And I have to agree with my husband the smell is great as well.  Definitely bring the smell of winter trees inside.  And there is also a refill available so that's a great perk as well.  You can enjoy this for many years to come.
  Since receiving this candle I have looked on Amazon and noticed that they have many themed candles, I love so many of them, I think for sure we will be investing in new ones, especially because of how much the children all enjoy this candle.  I think it will be wonderful to have one per month of the year or more realistically per season.  Which would be five of them, since Christmas is a season in my house.  They're all lovely, and I bet the others smell great too.

If you enjoy burning candles, whether entertaining or just for yourself, I would suggest you look into the Candle by the Hour Company.  It is a great deal for a self extinguishing beeswax candle that burn for 80 hours!!  I'm still waiting to see the 80 hours part but so far it seems to be a realistic prediction considering the length of the coiled wax and the time period each inch has been burning thus far.

I'm quite impressed with this candle!

~~I received the product mentioned above for free in exchange for my written review of my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers~~

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