The Concrete Kiss

Homicide Detective Ned Danes discovers that an ambitious Deputy D.A. has concealed evidence of an accused murderer's innocence in order to secure a headline-grabbing conviction. Danes torpedoes the corrupt Deputy D.A.'s case, and for his honesty, Danes is exiled to the tiny, basement office of the Cold Case Squad. 

     Working in his forgotten outpost Danes becomes obsessed with finding the real killer whom the Deputy D.A.’s scheme has allowed to run free. But, just as he seems to be closing in, Danes receives a plea for help from an old friend.

     FBI agent Phillip Abbott has been put on leave for his last sixty days before his forced retirement. He has that long to catch a drug-cartel hit man whose specialty is murdering entire families. Completely alone, Abbott needs a courageous cop like Ned Danes to back him up. 

     While Danes knows that Abbott has a seventeen-year-old adopted daughter, it is only after Danes agrees to help Abbott catch the killer that he discovers that the hit man murdered the girl’s entire family. Abbott promised her that he would get the monster no matter what it took and Danes soon learns that Abbott is willing to do anything, including breaking the law and possibly going to prison, to keep that promise.

      And after Danes and Abbot do all that, Ned still has a killer of his own to catch.

This book is right up my alley.  I love crime dramas, adventures, stories.  I really enjoy the excitement and thrill of reading (or watching) things related to police or the FBI, etc.  I get really involved in the stories and my mind starts to wander, as if I was there.  There is just something "real" about it, I mean, it really could happen right?

I think if you enjoy the thrill and excitement of finding the bad guy, guessing "who did it" and trying to figure out the case, then I believe this book would be of interest to you.  I think the twists and turns and excitement of journeying down the different paths that eventually connect in their own ways was one of the more thrilling parts for me.  The book could easily be confusing if you're not paying attention to the whole story but it's a great read.  You will not be sorry you picked up the book, but if you get lost in the story and find it hard to escape back to reality don't blame me.  I am warning you, this story was easy become part of.

My reading experience with this book was very enjoyable.  I look forward to more work by this writer.

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