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I wanted to share this review with anyone who may not have read it.  This is a review that I wrote on Silkki's Reviews for a product I received as a BzzAgent.  My cats absolutely loved it, they devoured every last morsel and when they were done I honestly believe they were mad at me that it was gone.  Huh.

Pet Food
Made with purpose

From quality North American ingredients backed by our 'No Bad Anything' promise, to our unique small-batch production for superior control, every bag we craft represents an unwavering attention to quality and an ongoing commitment to natural, wholesome nutrition.

Living well is a choice we make for ourselves and our pets.

Nutrience for Cats
Discover the line that suits your lifestyle

Nutrience Natural:
Providing your pet with a healthy lifestyle begins with what you put in the bowl!
A complete and balanced meal made of wholesome ingredients to support a healthy and active lifestyle.  Nutrience Natural is a complete and balanced meal of fresh meats, fish, low-glycemic carbohydrates, healthy fats, whole fruits, vegetables and botanicals – a combination that will nourish your pet to play, be fit and stay active

Nutrience Grain Free:
The optimal blend for all breeds and life stages!
The optimal blend for all breeds and lifestages. Nutrience Grain Free is also ideal for pets with food sensitivities or pet owners who prefer to feed their pet a grain free diet.
More closely mimicking a carnivore's ancestral diet, Nutrience Grain Free offers all the same nutritious qualities of Nutrience Natural, but without the grain. Fresh meats and fish are combined with healthy fats, fruits, vegetables and botanicals, while grains are replaced with low-glycemic lentils and sweet potatoes. It's a great substitute for pets with certain food sensitivities, and an excellent choice for pets with a particularly active lifestyle or for pet owners who simply prefer to feed their pets a grain free diet.

For more information on this food visit Nutrience
  I think my cats have a new favorite food!!  When I received the Nutrience Grain Free and the Nutrience Natural cat foods in the mail I decided that Nessy Kitty was going to be the test kitty for the Nutrience Grain Free and Lightning McKitty was going to be the test kitty for the Nutrience Natural.  Well, that quickly changed as my curiosity got the better of me, as it often does.
  I took a serving platter that's usually used for our summer gatherings and decided that I would pour a little bit of both foods onto the one plate along either end of it.  My goal was to see if either of my kitties had a preference.  Well, Lightning was first up and she didn't really care, she ate a little bit of one and then a little bit of the other.  So, when I thought she'd had enough I went upstairs to get Nessy, who had no idea there was such a delicious dinner waiting for her downstairs.
  I thought she was going to eat the plate, I wish I was kidding.  I swear, I can only imagine the reaction she had to be comparable to a poor kitty who hadn't had something to eat in months, she devoured the crunchy morsels like they were soft, I'm not even sure if she chewed them.  Watching my baby girl eat this food made me feel like a terrible kitty mommy.  Let me tell you first, there is ALWAYS food out for my cats, likely more than they need, it's actually in a plastic bucket and it's always full.  The reason I felt terrible is because I realized at that moment that the food I have been giving my furry babies was not acceptable, they probably only eat it so they don't starve.
  I truly believe their is something lacking in their current diet with the "other" food, I mean, why else would my kitty have gone all cat crazy ravaging the cat food like she did?
  There was no preference given to either food they liked them just the same.  So, I got more curious and decided to pour it into their tub of food and see what happened.  They ate it, of course.  It was on top and I thought to myself that was kind of silly, I'm not learning anything about which they'd prefer, they are eating what's first to be found.  So, I mixed it, literally took the platter and inserted it into the tub of cat food and I *wished* it around, like an old washing machine while it does the laundry, until you could no more see the Nutrience cat food. "That'll stop them" was my thought.  Well, holy cow, what a smart couple of kitties I have.  They pawed through the tub to find the Nutrience, I went through the tub today and their is not one little crumb to be found, but still about 4kg of the "other" stuff.
  I am very happy and extremely thankful that I was chosen to do this review, it has changed the way I think of "pet" food.  Some companies get it and some don't.  These are just pets, they are our family and they deserve great food like Nutrience.  Keep watch for coupons and when you find them buy this food, if you can afford to without the coupons by this food.

  I give this product 2 out of 2 thumbs up!!

~~I received the product mentioned above for free in exchange for my written review of my honest opinion because I'm a BzzAgent. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers~~

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