Fat Loss eBook Review

An All In One Startup Guide For Maximum Fat Loss

Discover how to burn fat fast and how to lose those extra pounds.

In Fat Loss - All In One Startup Guide For Maximum Fat Loss you will learn what is body fat and what your ideal body fat percentage should be. You will also learn how to get a lean body by following some simple fat loss secrets. You are going to find out what foods and drinks you should incorporate in your diet in order to burn even more fat. Furthermore you will learn how to exercise to maximize your body's fat burning capabilities.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn...

Why learning about body fat will get you fit faster
What to forget and start fresh - Fat loss myths and common mistakes
Do's and Don'ts - Fat burning laws/rules
What to eat and drink for fat burning
How to exercise for fat loss - Cardio and Strength Training
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding fat loss

I actually found this book to contain a lot of information that I didn't already know.  I have never really been an "exerciser" and by no stretch of the imagination could I ever be considered a fitness buff.  I've had four children and although I do not like the way my body looks and the song with the line "she wants the body she had at 17" makes me want to cry because "ya, I do".. unfortunately I have never been one to actually work at getting that body.  And many people believe that it is work.  Until reading this book I thought that if I don't get out there and bust my butt trying to lose weight then I never will.  I knew eating and proper diet were important but this book shows that so many people are busy concentrating on the wrong things.
It's all about the calories, or so this book leads me to believe.  You're intake virus what you burn is what will contribute to your loss or gain or remaining the weight you are.  I guess this is why everyone is into counting calories nowadays.
I really do think I will take the words from this book and keep them in mind to figure out how much I should lose... who knew figuring out what you should weigh would be so difficult and complicated.  I wish I could just eat everything and still lose the weight.... oh wait a minute, I can... I just need to watch my calories.  Maybe this whole "dieting" thing isn't going to be so bad after all.  With the proper guidance and information in hand it's easier to figure out what your healthy weigh is.  Looking at the scale that is 30 lbs more than you want it to be and saying "I need to lose 30lbs" is NOT the way to gain control of your weight.  This book explains the difference.
I know I have, on many occasions, wondered why more people don't realize that the word "diet" is not a bad thing, that we do diet, every one of us either eats a healthy well balanced diet or a crummy junk food diet, most I believe are in the middle.  I know that's where I fall most days.  I make sure my children eat healthy meals, three meals a day, healthy snacks in the middles and drink lots of water.  I may not have the perfect, healthy diet, but I sure want my children to when they get old.  They may not worry about weight now but if they ever do I would like to be able to provide them with this book (or one like it) that lets you know, in deeper detail, what it is you need to do and not do in order to obtain the weight that you're comfortable with, the weight you're going for.  It's not all about what you eat, you can still eat all those flavorful things and enjoy some indulgence on junk food from time to time as long as the calories going out and coming in meet your goal.

I'm very happy that I've been able to read this book, I think it will serve as a wonderful guide in the future when I am willing and able to put time into my goals.  And it will help me help my children make healthy decisions when it comes to their weight as they get older, if they so choose.

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