My Little Man...

  I'm so proud of My Little Man!! He came home today WITHOUT any notes written in his agenda, I didn't get any phone calls or anything.  So, in theory he was either good today OR they were too busy to tell me how not good he was.  Apparently, he doesn't like to listen, which has always been a problem of his in school.  He gets bored.  And by bored I mean, they're doing things he doesn't want to be doing and he really just doesn't want to sit there and do it.  His attention span is much like his father's, it's great until another fleeting thought gets in there and captures the attention.  Distracting him from what he's supposed to be doing.  I understand all the "issues" that ail children nowadays but I will not label my son.  I don't believe he has any issue other than lacking of discipline.  He is a fantastic boy and we can build a 400 pc LEGO toy for 2 hours but if you put him in a room full of other children where he needs to wait his turn he's not so happy with that.
  Yesterday I received a phone call saying that he had a time out at school because he wasn't listening in gym and he wasn't sitting at circle time when he was told to.  And during this time out he was throwing his shoes in the air against the wall (the Radiator is high on the wall and he was aiming for that) he succeeded in getting both of his shoes up on the wall and although it's no laughing matter the vice principle, who is the gym teacher, and I had a good chuckle over the phone.  Unfortunately, when I asked him what he did to get into trouble he said the gym teacher told the class they could run around and do things, then he didn't want to stop and go back to the circle.  He didn't see anything wrong with not listening because he wanted to continue running around and having fun, like she had originally told them too.  I can't blame him really, if he had any idea what he's in store for when he grows up and becomes an adult, ugh, I would have run around a little longer too had I known then what I know now.
  BUT... he does need to listen, he needs to do the right thing when he's told.  And his father and I are constantly telling him that he must listen in school, he has to keep his hands to himself and if someone does something he doesn't like he has to tell the teacher.  He's never to hit, slap, pinch, punch, kick, bite, or any other things that little kids do when they're frustrated and angry.  So, my question is how do I get him to constantly be doing the right things?  How do I get him to come home every day without a phone call, without a nasty "..... did this today" note in his agenda... Okay, the note isn't actually nasty, just the thought of my little man coming home with notes letting me know that he had done something "wrong" is the dreaded nasty part.  I think I may look at how he started the day today and try to repeat it every day.  Hopefully the consistency will help him out a little?!  Unfortunately, this morning both his father and I were able to reiterate that he needs to be good and listen and we went through the entire "talk" that we have with him when he gets home from school too.  I guess just repeating.
  I wonder, do you think a little reward system might help him want to listen better and do as he's supposed to?  Stickers maybe?

  I guess my biggest issue is that I see him one way, I know my son, I know he's a good kid and I know the reason he acts out is because he wants attention, he's 5 years old and he's in a room with the majority of children who are going to be turning four this year.  He isn't a leader, he's a follower, again like his father.  He needs to be told what to do and how to do it.  He doesn't just do it on his own very well.  He needs guidance.  My oldest daughter was in the same situation because her birthday is really late in the year, she was always the second youngest in her class.  But she adjusted well, she was always shy and never did anything to stand out, she stood back in the corner, off to the side, never wanting anyone to make much of a fuss about her, she's still very similar now.  Where as Lu and My Little Man are the middle children and they love attention, to be the center of it, getting it in any form, even negative *sigh*.  I just don't understand, I feel so overwhelmed most days, always worried that he's going to come home with some note saying he was a terrible boy at school, or worse, we (my husband and I) get called into the principle's office, no one ever wants that :(  I remember the principle's office when I was in high school, because I wouldn't dissect something in science... how terrible is that...

  Well, I guess I better get going I have a bunch of reviews to write and a lot of things to still watch and read, other things to do as well, I found out of a couple things coming out soon and I really want to review them so I need to keep on top of my work so I don't get overwhelmed there as well.  Not to mention that I have three Real Estate exams coming up, back to back in November.  We do our exams on Saturday's here and I have one on the first three Saturdays in November, so that's even more reading, each one is at least 400 pages, and they aren't little pages like a novel, they are huge 8x10 pages, information overload!!!  I love it though, I'm so passionate about real estate and about my reviews so I love every minute of all the reading for both.

  Take care everyone, if you have any thoughts or suggestion PLEASE leave a comment in the box, I would love to hear people's thoughts, especially if you've gone through this with your own child... like my mother... hehe, some advice she gives me... "I warned you" lol... she's such a funny lady.  The warning is because my brother was very much like my son at this age, and apparently earlier on when my mom warned me lol.  Oh Lord give me strength!!  Have a great night everyone!!

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