NetiRinse™ By the Maker of HydraSense®

 After all these years using tissues and medication, what have you got? A full wastepaper basket, a full medicine cabinet and a full nasal passage!? Why not try something new? Clear nasal obstruction with NEW 2-in-1 NetiRinse™ by the maker of hydraSense®:

  • The curved nozzle is designed to for the traditional “Gentle Gravity” technique while the bottle offers the option for the “Squeeze” technique to thoroughly irrigate the sinuses
  • Ensures a better fit with your nostril thanks to the Ergonomic ComfortSeal™ Nasal Tip for preferred performance
  • Equipped with the VaryFlow™ collar that allows you to adjust between 1 and 3 drops for gentle and normal flow intensity
  • NetiRinse™ provides ready-to-mix soothing salt formula similar to the original hydraSense solution which is sourced in Saint-Malo, France, where the tides are the second strongest in the world, creating ocean water that’s truly rich in minerals
  I received this product because I'm a BzzAgent and although it was not a requirement of the campaign I wanted to share with you our experience, and by our I mean my husband's.  You see I couldn't do it, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Totally a mental issue, no not as in I'm crazy and couldn't do it although maybe I am, but I just couldn't wrap my head around it.  The process makes me very uncomfortable.  You're placing a plastic nozzle in one nostril to allow the saline solution to flow through that nostril and around into the other and then out. You do this to both nostrils and then you're done.  You can do it daily for an everyday wash or you can do it when your sick to get all the mucus and gunk out of your nose.  Don't get me wrong, it works, I made my husband do it because the product needed to be tested.  It was sent to "us" to be tested and it was going to be tested.  See what I did there, Silkki's Reviews became an 'us'.

  So, my husband being the wonderful loving man that he is knew that I had to give a review and because I pride myself on honest reviews I couldn't just wing it.  He took one for the team and headed to the bathroom sink with the saline solution that I had mixed for myself in the NetiRinse bottle.  At first it didn't work well for him and then all of a sudden the juices started flooding, pouring more like it.  I was grossed out but intrigued at the same time.  He used the gravity method and just allowed the solution to travel the nose canals and back out and did it ever come out.  He said at first there was a pressure behind it and when he was done with his rinse he said that it didn't feel any different.  I was a little saddened.  I mean, was that really for nothing?  After about five minutes or so he approached me, his face lite up, it was almost like he had a great revelation I was not expecting it to be about the NetiRinse but it was.  He told me that his nose literally felt "clear" and he felt that he was actually breathing better, I was so happy for both him and the success of the product.  I am really thrilled that he's found a nose cleaner, as I chuckle in writing that.  I really am happy this product worked for him and that he felt relief when all was said and done.

  We will definitely be keeping a this around.  You can daily clean or wash out your cold so it's definitely worth having in the house.  With four children I want to limit their risk of being sick as much as possible so hopefully clean noses with help with that.

  Have a great day everyone and good luck this cold and flu season, if you need some help with your runny, stuffy, nose give this stuff a try.  

~~I received the product mentioned above for free in exchange for my written review of my honest opinion because I'm a BzzAgent. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers~~

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