Shoulder Buddies Review

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Shoulder Buddies are adorable, wearable characters that come with "Smart Cards" that share valuable life lessons.  Kids love to collect and wear their Shoulder Buddies, while learning about the great messages that come with them!
Each Shoulder Buddy figurine is approximately 4 inches high with fuzzy fluffle hair and 1.5 inches wide. Contains inaccessible magnets. The Magical Coin is a covered metallic coin that attracts to the magnet. Manufactured under license by The Bridge Direct. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and styles may vary as we continue to modify and improve our products. Made in China. The Bridge Direct products are safety tested and comply with ASTM F963. Ages 4 and up.


  Oh my goodness, these are adorable little creatures.  My children love them.  They make me think of that old "devil and angel on your shoulder" mind you these are all angels of course, each with it's on "Smart Card" full of life lessons for your child to learn and grow from.  Little Miss B loved the one that we got, she wore her everyday, which was great but then she started chewing on the "coin" so I had to take it away from her.  I'm not sure why she chewed on it, she knows better but she did it just the same.

  Harmony became my review buddy.  If I had a review do I would wear her on my shoulder, yes they're great for adults too, and when I was writing my review, or reading a product of whatever it was that I was doing she would be there on my shoulder to remind me not to get distracted, although she was a little bit of a distraction herself, I me she's so cute and I enjoyed petting her hair.  Some times I would forget she was there until turning to the side and then she would scare me a little.  Felt a little silly at times.

  My son was having difficulties in school with listening so I suggested he take Harmony for a reminder to be good but I changed my mind when I realized he would spend more time paying attention to her than his teacher so we didn't end up allowing that to happen, but around the house the kids would wear her on their shoulders, or other parts of their clothing once they figured out that she was removable and they could put her anywhere they wanted.  Often the coin would be in a pocket and Harmony would be scaling the side of my children.

  The magnet is strong, it stayed in place through heavy sweaters which surprised me, and the only time she "fell" was when Little Miss B was fidgeting with the coin on her shoulder, some kids just can't leave cute toys alone, I tell you, I just don't get it, heehehe.  I think Shoulder Buddies are get playmates for children with imagination, never all dull moment in my house with Harmony around, even Lu enjoys playing with her and doing things while she sits on her shoulder.  If you have a young child in your life who still likes to physically "play" with things not just sit down in front of the TV with a video game this would be a fantastic little friend for them.  We will be getting more, four children and one Harmony, not enough.  I think for Little Miss B we will be getting a Hello Kitty Shoulder Buddy though, I think she'll love that one most as she's on a huge Hello Kitty love fest right now.

  For more information on products available and to stay up to date on new things you can check out their website, Like them and Follow them.  And check this out, they do School Fundraising!

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