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Rick Rivoire used to love the army. Now he and three other Rainguns are assigned to guard a Duke’s mining camp. The Baron in charge is cruel to the workers. Rick’s long dreamed of rebellion. Perhaps now is the time!

Then the camp is attacked by Lucan, an ambitious necromancer eager to turn the slaves into undead minions. Rick’s duty commands him to delay the chaos of rebellion, until he sees Lucan crushed.

Rick must aid other forces opposing Lucan: kind but brutish ogres, led by humans in war paint with tomahawks. How can he gain their trust?

In a town under siege, he meets the endearing Anya. Is she as innocent as she appears? Or is she a dangerous pawn?


  Let me begin by saying that if this book was a movie it would be one to buy not rent, at least for me.  I really enjoyed reading this story, I hadn't read the first one, yes there is a first one, there is also a third one, I suggest that you find a nice warm spot in your home, curl up with some good lighting and this book and enjoy losing yourself within the pages of this book.
  I could envision what was going on as if it was playing out on the big screen in front of me.  Especially in today's day and age this book fits in perfectly with the popular themes of the movies and stories.  I personally, thoroughly, enjoyed every minute that I spent reading this book.
  It's a great story based around four Rainguns, the main character being Rick, we experience life through the eyes of the raingun and it's such a thrilling life to me, seeing how I wasn't actually there... had I been I likely would have curled up in a corner somewhere praying to God that it would all be over soon and that I would be okay.  Rick seems to be very emotionally detached throughout the story, with just cause, you get glimpses into his past and begin to understand the demons that torture his soul.  He doesn't get attached to people very easily but is a caring soul, he is a gentleman, a lover and a fighter or spell caster at least, he is a man who thinks things through and doesn't just act on impulse all the time.
  There was so much about this book that I liked, I can't wait to read the third one, and the first one actually.   I have always been intrigued by stories involving "undead" creatures, witchcraft, spells, etc. In this story I often found myself wondering how many lives these people have because they seem to lose a lot and then come back fresh and restored, full of new life and wiped free of all past failings and ailments.  How awesome would that be?  If we could just come back to life, like Mario in a video game after being walked into by a mushroom, and then to be fresh and new and start where we left off but in perfect health that would be fantastic.  On second that, that might not be a good thing for everyone.  I guess for now the awesomeness of that will remain in these wonderfully written stories by John Blackport, that will entice your mind and keep you reading for hours.  I think this would be an interesting read for many, especially if you enjoy reading of undead creatures, spells and such like I do.

I give this book out 2 of 2 thumbs up!!

Please note Author advises that this series of books is not for children.

This is the second book of The Talan Revolt. This book contains graphic violence and explicit sex. It is intended for adults only. ~~I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~

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