My kids are fundraising

 Good day Everyone.  My children's school is having their major fundraiser for the year.  You can order online and have the items shipped anywhere in CANADA!! How wonderful is that?  The online sale ends on December 20, 2013.

There are some pretty great gift ideas that might be great for Christmas, birthdays, any special occasion or no occasion at all.  Tons of great products.  Click THIS link to go to the main page or click on any of the photos below to go to the themed pages.  Enjoy browsing.  And thank you in advance to anyone who orders and helps support my children's school this year.  It is greatly appreciated as they need some tech equipment for a couple of their classrooms and this fundraiser is geared towards "Classroom Computerization".  Trying to keep up in the advancement of this day and age is difficult, we have a little school, but we shouldn't be at a disadvantage because of our size.
Thank you so much for browsing, buying, or even just sharing this with other who live in Canada so that we can hopefully raise the funds needed to help them get the educations equipment they need to continue to excel in their early academic career in elementary school.
I wish you all a wonderful day everyone.
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