Happy, Happy Days

  Well, it's been a week since we've heard anything negative from our son's teacher, bus driver or vice principal.  I think he's finally getting into the routine of school.  I wish it didn't take a couple months, but whatever we've been doing seems to be working.  I have a theory though; you see, I think that it's because my husband has been home in the mornings and I think that they've been missing him, especially my son since my son is the only boy in a house full of girls I think he needs his daddy some days.

  I'm so happy that my husband has had the week off, at least in the mornings, to spend with the kids and to see them off to school.  They missed him and this proves it.  My son is a much happier boy being able to spend time with his daddy.  Today Little Miss B and My Sailor were building their cabin again.  You see when we used to live in the country my husband and Lu built this 10x10 cabin, which since moving to the city needed to be dismantled and stored.  Now that we've found our way "home" we are able to put it back up.  We have changed the name to a "playhouse" though, less rustic sounding, less middle of the woods, more fun  I can't wait until it's finished it's going to look so beautiful.  My husband cut the logs himself, from trees off our old property, he's built the entire thing with his chainsaw.  I was so proud of what he'd done.  He's been so wonderful with letting the girls help him.  My little man was too young this first go around and this time everyone was in school except for Little Miss B.  Funnily enough, she is the same age (approximately) as Lu was when they build it the first time around.  Lu was completely thrilled when she got home from school today to find out they were out back building it.  Oh it was an exciting time for the kids and daddy.

  Some days you wonder what the future will bring, but other days you just have to sit back and enjoy what's actually happening in the present.  All too often people do not remember to take that time, I am one of them as well.  Forgetting to appreciate all that's going on in the present time, all the things we have.  I thank God every day for giving me all the blessings that I have.  I love that he's given me so much joy, so much love in my life.  I am rich with all of the important things in life, none of which are money, I could use more of that, I think we all could but I get to teach my children that while times are difficult love is more important than all the dollar bills in the world.  No one can take our love away

  If you woke up tomorrow with only the things that you thanked God for today would you be happy?

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