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Rick Rivoire has two desires: to protect his country from outside threats, and to purge it of the tyranny that plagues it from within. After saving an isolated mining town from the ruthless necromaner Lucan, he dares to dream of fulfilling both goals.

But the cities are becoming unstable. Religious persecution brings bouts of madness that grow steadily bloodier and more frequent. All about him, Rick's old friends are attacked by fresh, determined enemies. Chaos reigns in the streets of the capital.

Moreover, there are worrisome signs that the town of Jendreaux may not be out of danger after all. Necromancers do come back with distressing regularity, and Lucan is no exception. Rick must put Lucan down once and for all, before an army of walking dead overruns the countryside.

Rick returns to Jendreaux on his own. There is no sign of its soldiers or townspeople. Can he find them? Are they alive? And if they're not alive --- can he beat them?

Even if Lucan can be defeated --- what then? Can Rick find a fledgling rebellion to aid, or join? Or will he have to start one on his own?


  John Blackport does it again, this is the third in the Talan Revolt series.  I absolutely adore his writing.  Getting myself easily lost in a world of spells, Ogres, undead creatures, death, war, the sex and the violence.  This book is a great read, with an imagination it is easy to "see" the things as they are playing out in the story.  Watching the interactions of Rick and the other rainguns, the pikeman and the other characters throughout the book is quite and enjoyable experience for me, I wish I was there among it all but safe.  I really enjoy following the life of Rick, he is a fantastic main character to travel this wonderful journey with. It's really nice to read a creative story, the sex, the violence, the spells and magic make this story intriguing to me.  As I really enjoy the creativity that goes into fictional stories.  I enjoy getting lost in a world of "things that could never happen, could they?"  Rick is a great man, I know he is but he's told to do things and he follows orders, like any good raingun would.  There is a war going on and he is a soldier like any other, well except the magic powers to cast spells, of course.  Rick is met by an old enemy in this book, Lucan, who he must destroy before undead creatures take over.  In a battle to protect all that Rick cares for he must concur Lucan, among others.

  I think this book is a fantastic addition to the Talan Revolt and that anyone who has read the first two in the series will not be disappointed at all with this third installation.  John Blackport has a great ability to suck the reader into this mystical world and does not disappoint.  I would recommend this book to any fantasy reader, any fiction reader who likes a little magic with their morning coffee.  It really is a fantastic read, it's hard to put down as it sucks you in, the thoughts of this book, as well as the others, linger on throughout the day, drawing you into it's world.  Great read.

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