Forgiveness: Overcoming the Impossible

Book Description
Whether giving or receiving, forgiveness is the key toward true healing and blessing.

God says there are no limits to forgiveness toward others or ourselves. And when Matthew West set out on a journey asking people to share their true life stories, Renée shared about how she chose to forgive the drunk driver who hit and killed her daughter.

This remarkable story and others like it bring peace and healing to the one needing and the ones giving forgiveness. Fifty powerful stories share forgiveness through divorce, betrayal, addiction, abandonment, death, and more. Each story ties into the promises of God’s faithfulness and healing, and ends with the story of God’s ultimate forgiveness through the message of salvation.


Have you ever been angry with someone?  I know someone, sadly she's my mother in law, and she is the queen of holding grudges and not allowing forgiveness to escape her, even if the person does something, unknowingly or unintentionally, she will hold onto that anger and frustration and she will never forgive.  It is true, hard to believe that someone could live so full of anger but it happens.  I think I may have to send her this book for Christmas this year.  You see we do not talk to her anymore, it's been almost seven years since she decided her anger was going to win over her love for her son.  She has only seen my youngest daughter twice, it is kind of sad.  But I personally have forgiven her.  I would like to live a happy, fulfilled life and I don't think that can be done with negativity and anger in your life.

I think this book is a fantastic read.  Pick it up read it as you so chose, it's a fantastic life motivator.  I think everyone will learn something from this book, might see things in a different light and best of all, learn to adapt forgiveness into their lives.  Knowledge is power, understanding is key.  Sometimes it's hard to forgive people who've "done us wrong" but we need to realize that by holding onto that we are doing more harm to ourselves than good.  I think this would be a fantastic book for anyone to read.  Even if you don't think you need it, I think it would be a great motivator for anyone.

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