The Seasoning House Giveaway Ends on Dec 27, 2013

The Seasoning House: where young girls are prostituted to the military. An orphaned deaf mute is enslaved to care for them. She moves between the walls and crawlspaces, showing the little kindnesses when she can. When fate brings the men that murdered her family and the reason she ended up in the whore house, a chain of events begins that will end her captivity, free the girls still alive in the house and grant her revenge on the soldiers that destroyed her life.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest is only open to U.S. residents.

The prizes will be sent via the US Postal Service.
Please note that the assets included within this message were delivered to you for promotional purposes. Any actions that you complete with the provided assets are your liability and should comply with both local and international laws.

FilmBook, a movie website, is sponsoring this giveaway.

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