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There are many things that make me happy about being a mom.  One of them is that I get to join wonderful communities that have other MOMS (and dads too).  I get to share my feelings, my thoughts my likes and dislikes, and I can ask for advice, give advice.  I know that in these communities I have been blessed with the ability to talk to other parents and learn from their experiences and share mine so they can learn from me as well.

One of the communities I belong to is Bloggy Moms and it's a great one.  They are hosting their December Blog Hop Link Up which you can find below.  If you're a member of Bloggy Moms feel free to add your website link, if you're not, there's no time like the present.  Join today.

In the mean time, scroll through the Link Up and visit some great family friendly sites.  Please let them know Silkki's Reviews sent you.
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