Home at last!!! We miss you Great Wolf Lodge

Well, our vacation came to an end yesterday... we wanted to stay and swim all day but we also wanted to beat Toronto traffic and get through before rush hour.  So, we headed out around 1, I believe, and I was reading a book that I have to review "Resolution" well, I don't know if it was the long couple of days, the swimming, the heat (cold depending on where in the van you were) or just the drive but after we pulled over at Little Caesar's for our two pizza's and bread sticks (sadly, not enough food for the six of us) we ate our lunch and were on our way again.  Shortly after we hit the highway I fell asleep, I think the traffic was getting to me and making me tired also.  I put my iPad down and I drifted off into a nice slumber, woke up on the east end of Toronto, I think it was around Whitby, and felt well rested.  Just in time for a bathroom break.  We got home yesterday and had enough time to feed the kids and get them ready for bed.  Much to their surprise, I was expecting it, Strawberry Shortcake was in our mailbox when we got home and my little B and I have been having a Berry Bitty Mysteries kind of morning... so nice :)  Hope everyone else has been doing well today!!  
Check out Silkki's Reviews for the review.  It'll be there later on today.

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