Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

  Tomorrow is my son's fifth birthday and what an exciting few days he's had.  His Uncle, my brother, took him for a ride in his boat on Friday, he had his birthday party with friends at our house on Saturday and then Sunday we took the 4 hour trek to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Fall, Ontario.  Yes, I did, as always, sing "Niagara Falls, Ontario.." as I always do...thank you MarineLand for that.
  I let all three of my older children play hooky from school Monday and Tuesday, although they have missed school a little bit I think they like this much more.  There is an arcade here and we have enjoyed it greatly, and spent a lot of money there.  My youngest daughter won 5000 tickets, she hit the JACKPOT, which was super awesome but it left mommy sitting on the floor waiting for five thousand tickets to pop out of the machine... whoever thought that was a great prize had a heck of a lot more patience than this lady!!!
 I booked a Kid Cabin room and the first night we were here the youngest two girls slept with me in the Queen bed, my husband and son slept on the pullout and then my oldest slept on the top bunk of the bunk bed.  Hopefully tonight everyone sleeps comfortably because tomorrow we're going to be heading home and I don't want grumpy children... too long a drive for that.  Well, I better get to bed, we need to get up early to make the most of our last half day here.  Check out is 11am :( Sadly, we aren't going to want to leave then, but I'm pretty sure we get to still swim after that.......only time will tell.

Have a great night everyone.  Another 2 hours and 10 minutes and my Little Man is 5..holy cow!! Happy Birthday Bud!  We all love you!!

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