Still trying to find the money tree...

Hey everyone, I haven't written in awhile.  I've been rather stressed lately.  I mean Christmas is just around the corner and it's my FAVORITE day of the who year.  I love to give gifts to my children, my family, my friends and even to people I don't even know.  I don't know how I do it year in and year out.  We have no money to spare on a monthly basis, like most we live pay cheque to pay cheque and don't get the luxury things in life, like owning our own house, having a garage, fancy clothes, dress shoes, extra sheets for the bed.  No instead we live in a crappy little house that needs to be repaired but our landlords are old and see the problems but don't deal with them.  The roof leaks so there is mold in the corner of my room, the bathroom, the basement, I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but there is snow/frost on the walls that has been for almost a month now.  You know how the inside of a chest freezer gets the condensation on it and then the ice forms along the walls, well picture that in the basement.  I can't stand this house it's driving me insane, but due to some mistakes (bad partner choices) in the past I had some financial issues and that's on my credit record, making any choice of me finding a mortgage impossible.  Then of course you add in the fact that I don't have a job because I stay home with the children, it doesn't make sense to get a job just to give the babysitter all the money.  So, I stay home and somehow we barely keep our heads above water.
  There was a meeting for a city close to where we live a week or so ago to determine the "poverty level" for the city.  I was shocked.  They said for a family of four both parents working need to make $16 an hour.  I couldn't believe it.  I mean, we have a family of six and are somehow, and like I said before I don't know how, but somehow our family is surviving.  (and my husband doesn't make the $48 an hour that city suggested to make for our family size)  So, we live in poverty I guess.  Must be why we can't seem to save any amount of money.  Here I thought it was the OUTRAGEOUS hydro bills that we now have.

  Sorry to bore you today, not as exciting as I would like it to be, but that's what's on my mind at the moment.  I just don't understand how they expect people to make it work, raise a family and not go crazy from worry.  There has to be a way for people like me and my family to own a HEALTHY home of our/their own.  I will find the way.  All these "get rich quick" schemes on line that people like me fall victim to (I haven't but I tell you, sometimes that glimmer of hope is tempting, luckily I think, I can't afford this "just $19.99").  I hope that some day my children have a wonderful life that has a lot less worry and stress than mine.  I wish the rich would stop getting tax breaks, of course they can afford to put more away in RRSP's they have the friggin money to do so.  We don't have an RRSP we don't have anything in savings at all.  We can't afford to save.  We can't afford to do a lot of things, and it's very depressing.  It's unfortunate that good people have to suffer in silence when people like hollywood star's (I'm not mentioning any names because NON OF THEM DESERVE MY ATTENTION) they make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS per movie, TV show and it's insane.  And people like us live on a minimum wage job doing the best we can with what we have while stars spend their money on stupid things like drugs and clothes, big houses, fancy cars, etc etc.  I'm not jealous of them, trust me when I say that.  I don't envy them at all.  I am repulsed by famous people.  The majority of them were once just like me and their songs and promises "not to forget where I came from"  what a load of crap.  They are all blinded by money.  There is no reason they should ever go bankrupt, or be in debt, they should be in the news for good reasons, donating not only their time (which they do for image reasons, "look at them, they are so kind"), they need to donate that money they all use stupidly.  Seriously how many houses does one person need.  I know they "work hard for their money", but maybe they should grow a heart and be compassionate instead of selfish.  They can afford to.  I try to give to people who are in need every year, especially at Christmas.  I wish that I had the money that I could help all year, that I could make a bigger difference in more peoples lives.

Okay, I have to go for now.  Take care everyone.

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