The Pasta Boat

PastaBoat™ is the fast and easy way to cook, drain and serve perfect pasta dishes in one microwaveable pot WITHOUT the hassle! Now you'll never fuss with boiling water or multiple pots again! You can cook, drain, serve and store meals, all in one pot. It's easy to use and makes the best pasta you'll ever taste!


I first found out about the Pasta Boat at Walmart as it was on clearance(my favorite word). And I thought it would be perfect because my family loves pasta and my oldest daughter wants to help with dinner a lot.  So I instantly bought it because I absolutely LOVE the idea behind the Pasta Boat, I've read the reviews, AFTER I used it just to see what other people were saying and from reading their reviews I would have thought it would be amazing.  But, yet again, my AS SEEN ON TV experience did not stand up well.  I personally don't find making pasta as tedious as the commercial for this product says, it's not hard work at all and they did make those pots with the colander lids (I don't have one of these pots) so it's not that horrible.

  They say it takes less time but in fact the little book that comes with it says for a serving of 4 it takes 18-20 minutes, for my family of 6 it takes 22 minutes in the microwave to make pasta, that doesn't seem to be any faster to me than the old fashioned way of making pasta, and you still have to cook your sauce and meat (if you have meat) separately.  Not only does it not do it quicker as promised, but I filled it up to the line it said to and it overflowed all over my microwave.  There was water in the tray, in the very bottom under the tray, and splattered all over the microwave.  When my daughter opened the microwave she was upset, she thought that she had done something wrong.  Luckily she knew not to touch the water and she left the boat for us to get out.  After I had finished cleaning up the mess in the microwave I told her she could drain the water out and instructed her to just tip it with the hole end down.  She then said no water was left in it.  My spaghetti was hard as a rock stuck to the bottom of the boat.  Naturally I turned the hot water on and filled the boat back up, slowly stirring the spaghetti as to not wreck it anymore than I feared it was and it started to loosen up.  After a few minutes it was swirling in the water the way it would have if I'd cooked it on the stove in the first place.  I, personally, do not recommend this product.  I followed the instructions, had a huge mess to clean up, my microwave was gross, the pasta was gooey and I just didn't have a good experience with it.  Very disappointed with this product.

I give it 0 out of 6 thumbs up....they are all down :(

 ~~I was not given this product, I purchased it with my own money and am giving my honest opinion in this review~~

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