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With the release of tablets has come the Kobo Vox. Not to be outdone by the Kindle Fire, Kobo secretly kept the release date of the Vox under wraps but Future Shop made an error in September and let everyone have a "sneak peak" of this wonderful little tablet. Comparable to the Fire in size and price, the Playbook with the size, priced $300 cheaper than the Playbook's 16 gb tablet.  So, everyone ordered them early, rushed out and bought them, and when they became available on October 28th for shipping the world was a happy place.  Boy do I feel bad for all those people.

I owned my Vox for just a couple days when it started acting up.  The internet would somehow, magically, turn itself off and I would have to go through the hassle of going through the settings and connecting it all again.  To some this may be a minor glitch, to me it was but it started happening more frequently.  I thought I would love the Vox, it's a cheap little thing and I thought it would do what other tablets can do but it doesn't really.  The heart of this tiny little beast is an eReader so we need to keep that in mind when we purchase these things.  Unfortunately, the books weren't great either.  The memory is tiny so you need to us a micro SD card if you want to download very many books and apps, which isn't a problem but it's sad that the books for the KOBO weren't great.  And there are very limited apps.  It's a new product and will hopefully get better with time.
 The screen started freezing on me and I couldn't do anything for it, with it, I mean I have a cellphone that does the same thing, but at least with that you can pull the battery.  Not with tablets, the batteries are internal and you need to send them away if you ever have a problem with them.  I am starting to understand the "Kobe Vox" warranty they have.  For 2 years you can get a couple replacement units, it costs less than $40 and it's not worth it.  You will be wasting your money, in more ways than one.  The Vox in itself is $199 and then when you add the $40 you have just given away $230 for a cheap machine that will use up the warranty in no time.
 As you can see by my photos I was trying to play Scrabble.  This was just yesterday, also what I like to call my "I give up this thing is s#!% and needs to go back day!"  Well, in theory that's great, but I wanted to make sure to erase all of my information off of the machine first.  It took me an hour and 5 minutes to do that.  The machine kept freezing.  It was stuck on the below picture for 22 minutes and I was getting very angry.  I finally got everything off and reset it to factory.  I hope they take it back and come up with a great solution to this issue or just call it quits.
 Personally I have not liked what I've seen of any of the Kobo eReaders so I don't know why I thought I would have any better luck with this little machine.  I mean the eReaders you see in the stores always have messed up screens and the employees can tell you it's from the children running through the store pounding the crap out of these machines but I would like to see that.  I personally, as most of you know, have four children and they ALL play with the cellphone on the Walmart counter, the eReaders, Laptops, Netbooks, etc.  Not once has my child used much force with these things to make the screen messed up like they are.  I have not witnessed any child doing that actually.  And the machine was only 3 months young.  No thank you.  I said I wouldn't buy a Kobo because of that and then I figured I would love to try this out, what do I have to lose?!

Why I always seem to go against my better judgement is beyond me!
I give this 0 out of 4 thumbs up!!! (the worst part was it was a Christmas present for my 11 year old.  Am I ever glad I like to try these things out first before letting the "return to store within...days" lapse.)

Note to self, when you know it's not going to be good don't buy it.  Go with the gut instinct!

~~I purchased this product with my own money and am writing this review for you my readers in hopes that you will not make the same bad choices~~

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