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Are you happy? Do you want to be? How To Catch Happy, from Jim F. Kukral, is a reminder of how to reconnect with the the inner happiness inside you.
This short read will inspire you to take another look at your life and career and reexamine your priorities.
Got 15-minutes to rediscover what matters most to you?

Wow, What a great short story.  The words Jim used, the way he wrote I could almost picture myself writing this book.  I was captivated by his story, could picture my own childhood.  So much of his book, I could directly relate to.  I mean, fishing is what made this man happy and when I was a little girl my daddy would take me fishing (yes at 29 I still call him daddy).  I would love those outings and how dearly I do miss them, but as time has gone by I have grown up, I have too much to do.  I mean I have four children how could I possibly justify taking time off to go fishing.  I mean really?  Also, Jim took us back in time to a time when he was 11 (the year I was born) and he spoke of how the world was a different place back then, how he would travel around where he lived on bicycle going fishing and they didn't have cell phones and he was allowed out until all hours because his parents knew where he was and knew if anything were wrong he would go to the pay phone and call.  I remember doing the same things when I was little and I know for a fact I would never let my 11 year old daughter do that.  If/when she asks the answer is always no.  And I feel badly because she knows the freedom I had when I was little, but it's not my fault the world is changing, for the worst.

  Jim's story starts with him exactly how I have been feeling for some time now, stressed.  I know I need to take some time out for myself but as I said, it's hard and I feel selfish if I do but at the end of the day if you aren't doing what makes you happy you might as well not do anything at all.  I know this first hand, I made my husband quit a job he hated not too long ago (two months now) and it's the greatest thing I have ever made him do.  He wasn't happy there, he was stressed out all the time, over worked, under payed.  We all know how it is.  He now has a wonderful job that he absolutely loves and he's HAPPY with it and at the end of the day he is in a good mood when he comes home.  This is not to say that is what makes him happy in life, but I truly believe that you should not put yourself through the stress of working somewhere that you don't like and are unhappy with.  I think after taking the small amount of time needed to read How To Catch Happy you will also think about taking a little break from the stress of life and figure out what makes you happy.  In no way am I telling you to quit work, don't we all wish that were possible.  But just re-evaluate your life, find out what really makes you happy and make sure you take time to experience that once in awhile.  For Jim it was after an anxiety attack, what will it take for you?  A few minutes of your day is all it takes to read this book and let it guide you to your own self discovery of How To Catch Happy in your own life.  You won't regret making this life changing decision to read this book.  It will help most people figure out where their true happiness lies and for others it will just confirm what they already know about themselves.  Enjoy my friends.

I give this 2 out of 2 thumbs up.

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