What a disappointment today was :(

Today started a little later than usual.  My five year old came to bed with us sometime in the night.  I was so tired I just said "yes, of course you can sleep with us" I slid over in the bed and let her crawl up between my husband and me.  Then we slept in, my husband has been on afternoons for a couple days and it threw off my sleep schedule a little (I stay up until he gets home).  So, I am a little exhausted today which is kind of horrible but what else can I do.  My "bestest" friend was supposed to be here at 8:30 but luckily she slept in as well so we didn't need to be up that early, but I let my husband sleep in and I got up with the children.  He usually lets me sleep in so I thought I would do it for him.  He was supposed to change our friends brakes and oil in her car before we went to get tattoos.  We have been waiting for almost two months to do it.  So, our friend got here and he changed her oil, then it was time to go.  We got in our car to go and guess what, it wouldn't start.  I mean seriously what is wrong with today.  So, our friend let us borrow her car, which was beneficial to both parties because my husband discovered a couple more things by driving it.  So, some good came from that :)  The guy said he was not going to charge us a late fee which was really nice but then the tattoos cost more than I was expecting but they both look amazing so it was worth it.  Mind you, I didn't get my tattoos because the artist ran out of time :(  So now I'm trying to figure out a time I can go. So far with no luck.  I'm kind of angry about it, I mean I was really excited and so far I'm not having any luck with getting them done which makes me a little sad.  My, almost 3 year old, son never had a nap today, instead he took the mattress off his bed and covered it, his bed frame and his toys as well as himself with bum cream :( At least he won't get a diaper rash on his arms, lol.  So that was lovely to come home to. Also, kept peeing in his pants today which I didn't understand why he was doing that so that what a little upsetting as well. The cat pooped on the floor which sucked to see as well and then of course things just keep getting worse.  My husband changed the brakes then my friend left, I was going to go with her, but it took so long that I didn't because she had to be home by a certain time so I couldn't go because of that.  My car is broken, my house is a mess and I'm so frustrated with everything right now. I'm waiting for the better times of the day to kick in but so far no luck with that either. I'm very disappointed in myself for the way I have been grumpy today but I'm so sad and I should feel like it's a way most people are, I mean everyone gets sad and upset and reacts improperly to situations all the time.  I just feel terrible about it, it's a terrible feeling to think you are not being a good person to those around you.  Tonight will be a good night I hope....or at least maybe tomorrow can make up for today :)

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