Well now that was just weird....

So, my family and I were getting out of the car at Walmart today and I put one foot out, stood up on it but as soon as my second leg came out I came crashing to the ground, you would not believe it.  My four children and my husband were in the car and concerned of course, but I was fine.  I just needed a minute to get my composure.  There wasn't a car in the spot beside us so that was nice, although it totally would have cushioned my fall.  I have no idea what caused it.  At the time I said that my leg must have fallen asleep, but it wasn't sleeping, I know that sharp, tinkly, uncomfortable feeling and I was not having it.  I do remember that it happened so fast that I blinked and was on the ground.  My husband came running to my rescue, of course, because he's my white knight.  I love that he was actually home.  After it happened all I could think was what it would have been like had he been gone and not around for me, around for our children.  What if I had have been out with those four children and something happened.  I am just happy that he was there and that everything seems to be doing well now.  I know that stuff happens every day to people and it bothers me so much with worry.  I hope that nothing ever happens to me when my children are around.  I would feel so badly if it did.  I know that one day I won't be here anymore for them and that is slowly crippling me inside.  A constant worry of mine is that something may happen to me when my husband is away and then what will happen to my children, who will take care of them, will he find out about it???  I have a huge issue with letting these things bother me to the point that I can't always do the "fun" things with my children, like um, anything.  I am constantly weighing the danger in my head and if some how something may happen that could cause me to be injured and unable to take care of my babies then I don't do it.  My husband is such a free spirit and he enjoys having fun and the children LOVE being able to do fun things with daddy, I wish I was more like that but I have to guarantee that I will be here for my children as long as I can be.  I will keep you posted if anything else happens that is weird.  lol.  Hope you all have a good day.  Off to watch some movies with my babies and take it easy for the rest of the day.

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