The Fire Station By Robert Munsch

Written by Robert Munsch.
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko.
Published by Annick Press, 1992.

Paragraphs in quotes was taken from The Official Website of Robert Munsch site

"The Fire Station was a story that I made up in a daycare centre in Coos Bay, Oregon
The children in the story, Michael Villamore and Sheila Prescott, were both kids in the daycare centre – they were always getting into trouble. In the middle of one night Michael got up and washed all the windows in his house; only he used bug spray instead of window cleaner. All the windows got absolutely sticky and the mother woke up and thought she was dying.

Once they asked me to make up a story about them and I made up the fire station story. Now in fact, we used to take the daycare centre to the fire station once every couple of months. Michael and Sheila loved to sit on the front of the fire truck. So it made a great deal of sense to them that they should be in a story about a fire station.

The fire station shown in the story is one in downtown Toronto."


I personally am a huge fan of Robert Munsch, but what makes this story stand out over all other Munsch stories I have read my four children over the years is that EVERY night, and nap time, my two and a half year old son wants this to be his bed time story.  We enjoy the colorful illustrations on all of the pages, the way the story quickly flows from one page to the next.  It's a thrilling adventure in which Sheila takes Michael by the arm and guides him to the fire station where the fun begins.  Michael seems to be a more cautious child and Sheila wants to see it all and do it all.  They visit the fire station and when the tour is over they hop in a enormous fire truck just in time for the alarm to sound and the fire fighters to come from all directions and head to the fire.  Sheila and Michael get covered in colorful smoke and then discovered by the fire chief.  When the children are taken home their own parent doesn't know who they are.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and get into reading every word of it with my son.  He gets so excited at so many different parts.  I think there are many people who would enjoy reading this fun story to their children.  It is funny, fast and colorful, as are most Robert Munsch stories I've read.

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