Loopeez shoe tying Aid

When I signed up to review this product I wasn't sure how well it would work.  I have an older daughter and I don't remember teaching her to tie her shoes being too much of a struggle.  But I had heard there are many things out there to help your children learn this frustrating task that eventually everyone will learn to do and I thought this would be a great idea for my five year old to help her get those pretty laced shoes done up quickly, especially since I have to get her brother's and sister's little shoes on and can't take too much time helping "tie" her shoes when we're in a hurry.  These are great at keeping the confusion down when it comes to tying.  You start out crossing the laces over and pulling tight, then you place the Loopeez on the shoe, you pull both your lace loops through and then wrap them around each other and voila you're shoes are tied.  It is helping my child learn to tie her shoes and that is exactly what it was made to do.  I do like that it covers up the bottom tie so that she is less confused and knows that once the pink butterfly is on all she has to do is tie the "knots" into her lace.  LOL  She is a funny little girl.  Loopeez shoe tying Aid breaks the struggle of tying shoes into five easy to follow steps for children.

Loopeez are not only for young children first learning to tie their shoes and having difficulty.  They are also great for special needs children and adults, stroke patients, for many occupational therapy and rehabilitation patients who need assistance in tying or learning once again how to tie their shoes. Loopeez shoe tying aid and their bi-color laces are essential tools for teaching shoe tying, and in the assistance of rehabilitation. Loopeez act as an extra hand and the bi-colored laces are an excellent visual aid.

I personally love the bi-colored laces, we received the pink and white ones, and they work perfectly for my daughter in helping her know that she's done it right and kept the laces on the sides they are supposed to be in and wrapping them around the other has never been easier.  Great product.  Head on over to the Loopeez shoe tying aid facebook page and click on the "LIKE" button Keep up to date with the new comings of Loopeez, read the rave reviews and get yourself, your children, your grandparents, a pair today.  You'll be glad you did.

~~I was given this pair of Loopeez free for writing an honest review~~

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