Awhile ago I won a giveaway from a blog I had read at Geeky Girl Reviews and it was for Designerliners which you can purchase in multi-packs and some wholesale deals at Amazon, Alice and ebay.  My favorite part about these liners is, aside from being biodegradable, they are too big for my office garbage can so they actually drape over the entire thing, which is great in my opinion because the design is only on the inside.  They are pretty sturdy, I mean I don't throw many heavy bulky items away from my office, but there are pointy and poky things that I throw out on a daily basis.  My trash can is colorful, and adds a little bit of piece to my office, making it feel a little more "creative".  I will purchase these bags again in the future because they make me feel happy.  They don't necessarily stand out in the trash bag world because they have some super strength that no bag before them has, but they do stand out because of their brilliant colors and beautiful designs.  And for all you business savvy people, Murial Wiener (the founder and president of DesignerLiners) does custom designs.  Get your business noticed on Garbage day too. 

The slogan that DesignerLiners uses is "Dress the Mess" and they most certainly do that.

 I give them 2 out of 2 thumbs up.

~~ I received this product free from a giveaway but this review is stickily of my own want, I was not asked to review this product, I just liked it enough to want to share it with all my readers~~

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